Fire at furniture market in Chitral, 3 factories and 8 shops gutted

Gul Hamad Farooqi

CHITRAL (DROSH), April 24:  As many as 8 shops, 2 furniture factories, 1 car and 1 motorcycle were badly gutted at Dadkhandori furniture market located at Drosh some, 45 KM from here.

According to SHO Drosh the furniture market caught fire in midnight of Saturday and Sunday which spread within two hours as resulted in destruction of 8 furniture shops, 2 furniture workshops, a car, a motorcycle and several expensive machines used in furniture making. The loss is being estimated at millions of rupees.

Police said that shop of Sher Gori, Noorzada, Hashmat Ali, Rahmat Jalil, Ziauddin, Usman, Muhammad Nawaz, Sher Bahadr and factories of M. Nawaz, Usman Khan, Ziauddin, a car belonging to Usman and a motorbike belonging to Muhammad Nawaz were badly gutted in the fire.

According to eye witnesses machines like Gage Randa, Plainer Randa, Saws and Spender machines used in furniture, as well as prepared furniture worth 2 million rupees was also gutted.

An affected person of the incidence Muhammad Nawaz said that his 2 shops and one factory had been completely gutted. He also blamed that the fire brigade of Drosh did not attended telephone calls initially and later when they reached the sport there was dearth of water in the tanker.

He said that if fire brigade had reached prepared and on time the fire could have been stopped from spreading to other shops.

Irshad Mukarar president of Pakistan Peoples party Sherpao alleged that no government officers visited the spot. He demanded for compensation of these poor affected people because these victims have nothing to re-establish their business again and to gain their livelihood.

Social and political circle of Chitral have appeal Federal as well provincial government to compensate these affected people and to support them financially to gain their livelihood.

Drosh police started further investigations hence reasons behind this incidence could not ascertained until filling of this report.

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