Nursing Assistant found dead at Hostel was being harassed by male colleagues

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Gilgit, May 21: A trainee Nursing Assistant, “S”, who was found dead hanging from ceiling of her room at the District Headquarter Hospital, Gilgit, was being harassed by three of her male colleagues. The male colleagues used to send her profane and threatening messages on her cell phone.

These revelations were made by police investigators in Gilgit, based on the information obtained from the 22 year old Nurse’s cell phone. The cell phone record has also revealed several leads that may help resolve the mysterious case of S’ death.

According to reports a draft (unsent) message in the cell phone of S was marked for her father, in which, she had also disclosed name and location of a male colleague who used to harass her and also, allegedly, tried to blackmail her. “…. if anything bad happens to me in my life, Jarrar Hussain from Amphary (name of a place in Gilgit city) will be responsible”, she had reportedly intended to tell her father. That the message was written but unsent may mean anything, including possible momentary lack of credit to the lack of courage, faced by many in a patriarchal society like that of Gilgit – Baltistan.

Police have also found profane and threatening messages in S’ cell phone from two other numbers.

Jarrar Hussain and another man have been arrested while the search is on for a third alleged accomplice.

Coordinator of Pakistan Human Rights Commission, GB, has said that the police investigation is being watched and all efforts will be made to ensure justice.

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  1. phansi do phansi do…
    aisey darindoon ko phansi do…
    ALLAH gaarat kar day esey logon ko jin k insani chehray k peechay itni darindagi basi hui hai…..Strong legal action should be taken against these people.

  2. Such a shameful act by our people, we are living in 21st century and still we do not give any space for our sisters and mothers to work parallel with us and live respected life in society, we feel proud being Muslims but where do we implement Islam on our lives??? It is better to be a non Muslim instead of being such a Muslim. Any way we must take special care of all ladies who work around us.
    The convicts must be given exemplary punishment so that any of such incident in future is avoided.
    May God rest the soul of the Innocent lady in peace..

  3. ridiculous …….
    so many girls are being killed in GB wen they do sth wrong…..they dont harass men …but for being trapped by them….
    we claim that we live up in mountains in paradise but people like these are trying to make it a living hell deeds(kinda successful also)
    we always talk about equal rights for men and women but not getting there
    now lets see how are these guys gona get punished .

    may her soul rest in eternal peace …

  4. all mighty allah rest her soul in eternal peace ameen . a very shame full practice once again done in the city of Gilgit it is not the first one. there are plenty of such cases but people keep them in secret… that might be fear from such beasts or the problem of self honor…. i request to the Gilgit administration to punish the criminals and not let others to take such step…..

  5. we strongly demand that Govt of Gilgit Baltistan shall bring the criminal faces in front of people and Hang them. the whole responsibility is on the shoulders of hospital/Hostel managements.shame on your corrupt management and security flaws. my question is that in-spite of facilities (security Guard in Gate and inner cordon lady) how this incident occurred????? once again we appeal Govt to investigate this case seriously and give justice to the morn family.

  6. Wicked and crape! in a nut shell,women nevertheless are equally are involved in the birth of such ridiculous incidents.How does thier contacts get into others intrest?Mobile facility has is being ruthlessly misused,creating a social mess.The lesson ought to be learnt is that a women should posses a cell phone,after getting married.

  7. Dear All Bros!
    These kind of evil attitude people should not be hanged,,, instead their hands should be cut off. So they will be a living example for other people. But unfortunately this type of law is not there,,,,,,, we can only hope that they will be hanged… Inshallah

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