Swimming in Hanisara River banned for two months

The volume of water flow in Hanisara increases immensely during the summer season. PT Photo

PT Report

Gilgit, June 28: District administration of Gilgit has imposed a ban on swimming in the Hanisara River. According to a press release the ban has been imposed for a period of two months.

The ban has been imposed to save human lives. Dozens of people have drowned in the river while trying to swim during the past several years.

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  1. For the last few weeks it seems PT has been so silent. is this the only one news of the day in Gilgit and in its surrounding. please let us inform about the region news and some good stuffs that we could enjoy visiting PT. i would suggest PT to bring this blog into a good news portal. you can divide your main page into multiple sub sections, like society, education, culture, sports….etc. news on these section could bring some good reflection.

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