[Pictory] Lest we forget!

Today the GB government celebrated independence day of Pakistan with a 21-gun-salute. In the noise, pomp and show of "celebrations", let's not forget the victims of disaster at Talis (Ghangche) who are living in miserable condition inside tents. Let's also not forget the victims of disaster at Attabad, Shishkat, Ayeenabad, Gulmit (Hunza), Qumrah (Skardu), Khainar Valley, Gais Bala, Gais Payeen (Diamer), Mominabad (Astore), Khaltaro (Gilgit) and Dayeen, Singal, Hundur, Darkut (Ghizar). Many of these patriotic Pakistanis are are living in transitional shelters since August last year, waiting for a "Messiah". Photo Courtesy: Daily Badd-e-Shimal

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