[PSM] Call to the people of Hunza – ہنزہ متحد ہے

We have seen the results of political action through “party politics” for the last 37 years. The present situation in Hunza is the result of inter-party wars raging elsewhere in the country. Hunza has not been spared by individuals having priority for personal interests over the collective interest of the society. Decisions for Hunza have been made outside Hunza by others rather than the sons of the soil.

Luckily, we have a way out from this imbroglio through understanding and adopting the “civil society” as the platform for political action rather than party based political action.

This platform is available to us since 1980s yet we have understood it in the context of improvement in the “quality of life” only. The program has since been enhanced to include political action yet it has not been communicated in this term as yet. The basic concept of this platform stems  from the teaching given to us fourteen centuries back and explained through eight training manuals in the present century by non other than the one whose hand was held by the prophet as the interpreter of our holy book in each age. Please give it a try for 10-years to see the results on the society as compared to thirty seven for party based political action towards achieving the same.

Following immediate actions are recommended:

1-    All those selfless individuals who have registered as a member of this or that political party/movement should resign and give an announcement through a paper as well as electronic media, such as “face book”.

2-    Each village must group all V/WOs, and clusters to a CSO by any name and register it immediately.

3-    In future all CSOs in a joint session in Hunza should prepare a panel from the electable office bearers of successful CSOs to represent them in GBLA as well as district and union councils.

4-   In future the voters should vote only for those individuals (preferably the Executive body of the CSO) who have caused their respective CSO to succeed through selfless and dedicated actions.

5-  All those interested in discussing this idea as well as a ‘strategy’ for bringing Hunza out of the present situation should participate either physically or through “voice/video conferencing”  in a Hunza level conference to be held in Baltit beginning on 06 September for as many days as it takes to consolidate the opinions of the participants and adopt a common strategy through a majority vote process – almost on the lines of a “referendum”.

6- Baltit Rural Support Organization (BRSO) will coordinate the events.

Those interested to share the ideas must communicate on the following contacts by Sep04, 2011.Main contact person:

Mr Noor Khan Chairman BRSO: 0344 – 8908625; E-Mail: <>

Other contacts:

Cell#.    034-55326255     (CSO-1)    Cell#.        034-48908625       (CSO-1)
Cell#.    035-55270744     (CSO-2)    Cell#.        034-68488851       (CSO-3)
Cell#.    035-55130886  (CSO-4)    Cell#.        034-45579263    (CSO-5)

A Public Service Message by Baltit Rural Support Organization (BRSO)

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  1. this alternate political arrangement proposed by the balti rural support system seems really similar to the concept of ‘basic democracies’, introduced by self-proclaimed field martial ayub khan.

  2. i did not get the clear idea of this call, is it about to engage the LSO’s of the region? if it is then its a good move toward good governance. it can certainly remove the gape between the administration and the public due to recent tragedy. good luck

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