Mastuj-Boroghil road construction ordered

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CHITRAL: The federal government has directed the departments concerned to immediately start work on widening and construction of the Mastuj-Boroghil road.

According to chitraltoday.com, the directive was issued on the special recommendation of Peshawar Corps Commander Lt-Gen Asif Yasin Malik which he reportedly forwarded to Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervaiz Kayani after returning from his recent visit to Chitral during which he also went to Boroghil in a helicopter.

During his visit, the corps commander was amazed to know that there was no land communication to the vital border area of Boroghil and during any military emergency, the handful of security personnel at the Boroghil-Wakhan border can hardly be supplied needed ammunition and other supplies. Besides, there is also no telecommunication links in the whole Yarkhun valley.

Sources told chitraltoday.com that the corps commander after reaching Peshawar sent a request to the COAS to contact the federal government for issuance of urgent directives for the construction and repair and widening of the Yarkhun road. At present, there is a jeep track up to Zzupu village.

As a result, the government has ordered dispatch of about six bulldozers to the valley to start work on the project.

Sources said one bulldozer sent to the valley earlier to remove boulders from the road was returning to Chitral from Sholkoch when it was directed to stay there till the newly-sanctioned vehicles reach the area to start the work.

It may be noted that the recent attack on Chitral Scouts posts in Arandu and killing of about 40 security and police personnel has sent a wave of shock and fear across the district and also exposed poor security arrangements along the Afghan border.

In upper Chitral, the situation is more worrisome due to complete absence of communication infrastructure. The remoteness of the areas also makes it more troublesome in case of any eventuality.

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