Pakistan Army being deployed at border areas of Gojal Valley, Upper Hunza

The Misgar Valley is in proximity of Afghanistan but directly borders with Xinjiang province of China.

Monitoring Desk

Gilgit, September 7: A regional daily (K2) has reported that contingents of Pakistan Army are being deployed in the Afghan border areas of Gojal valley (Upper Hunza).

According to the media report, contingents of Army will be deployed in Chipursan and Misgar, two separate valleys located in Gojal.

Chipursan Valley is connected to Wakhan region of Afghanistan through Irshad Pass, while Misgar Valley leads to the Kilik and Mintika Passes.

Misgar used to be a military outpost of the British Indian Empire. A fort, called Qalandarchi (Fort of the Naked Saint), constructed by the Britishers to monitor Russian advances during the “Great Game” is still present in Misgar.

The newspaper report attributes the decision of deploying Pakistan Army in the region to a recent attack by Afghanistan based militants on Chitral valley.

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