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Event – KADO arranges conference on inter-institutions relationships in Gulmit

Speakers and participants during the event

Press Release 

Aliabad: In view of the important of inter institutions relationship for community development,  the Karakoram Area Development Organization (KADO) under its project, HiMaT Indigenous Leadership and Development Program arranged a conference for the village and village women organizations, as well as other Community Based Organizations working in Gojal valley at Gulmit on September 4, 2011 in collaboration with the Mountain Area Support Organization.

The “Inter Institutions Relation Conference” aimed to create a healthy working relation among these organizations by identifying the common areas of interest and unify their efforts in combating the development issues to address theme of the day “TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.”

Representatives of the organizations working in the region participated in the conference apart from the elders, notables, women and youth representatives of the area who shared their experiences and expectations from the organizations. Representative of AKRSP Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Khan was also present at the conference as an observer. A case study of the Gulkin V/WO was presented in the conference which is considered to be a model V/WO in Gilgit-Baltistan. This case study offered motivation and learning opportunity for other V/WOs which have not yet reach the landmark.

The V/WOs, CBOs and other organizations who participated in the conference applauded the initiative of KADO and urged MASO which is an umbrella organization in the lower parts of Gojal, to frequently arrange such sessions in future.

CEO KADO Mr. Mubeen emphasized on the need to make the V/WOs more trust worthy for the members by ensuring transparency and accuracy in the accounting and book keeping system which would pave the way to strengthen such grass root community organizations.

6 thoughts on “Event – KADO arranges conference on inter-institutions relationships in Gulmit

  1. It is indeed a good news that KADO and MASO are working together for building strong inter-institutional relationship in Gojal area. I am pleased to know that Gulkin V/WO which was presented in the conference as a model V/WO in Gilgit-Baltistan. It will be highly appreciated if such program may be arranged in far flung villages like Misgar, Chapurson, and Shimshal also. Human and institutional capacity building of CBO’s is need of the hour.

    I would suggest KADO to organize inter-village experience sharing workshops in future. It will provide a chance of close interaction, understanding and cooperation among the LSO’s, CBO’s, V/WO, etc in Gojal area. Cheers.

  2. According to the present political dilemmah in our valley, this event supposed to be arranged in sost Gojal, but still our institutions/leaders prefer to work in those areas which is approachable for them but is not more needed for the area,lacality or the people. Our leaders are still incapable to focus those areas where such programs,conferences and other social developmental events are extremely needed to arrange.

  3. Deeya if the Programme has been demanded by MASO it means from Passu to Ayeen Abad if other LSO like GRSO and CLSO demands the programme like this the leaders will prefer the other village …….
    the Biggest issue here is that thes LSOs,( MASO,CLSO,GRSO) are in the hand of wrong who are using these organization for their personal interest ..

  4. Thank you all for your valuable feedback and views on the event. KADO being an indigenous organization of the region would definitely love to reach out to all the community organizations and it is already putting its efforts in the best possible way. As far as Deeya’s point of view is concern that MASO is approachable that is why KADO focused the area, I must say it is not so. We are working very closely with CLSO, GRSO and MASO and as per our analysis MASO need such sessions the most. Though other LSOs also need such sessions and we already have conducted a week long session in GRSO area (Khyber) last July where development specialists from Canada especially visited the area to facilitate the sessions with the project team (HiMaT) and KADO where representatives from CLSO to MASO area participated in the sessions. We have series of such sessions which we conduct quarterly all over the region.
    None of the organizations are perfect, there are certainly flaws, it is the youth and community who can step forward with a positive thinking and constructive approach to strengthen these civil society organizations which serve as window to the world for the local communities.

  5. Good news and good work. Congrats to KADO-HiMaT team and the LSOs in forging this relationship and engaging youth and the people in constructive dialogue.

    These are basic nurseries for grassroots democracy and social movements. We need to inculcate values of participation, social justice, transparency and accountability and focus on addressing the core issues facing the people and the area.

  6. The News Editor and Reporters of Pamirtimes!

    We are appreciative of the untiring efforts of all those who contribute in one way or the other to make PAMITIMES a lively and the most interesting online news media managed by the Mountain Rural community of GBC themselves. However, there is one aspect of the several burning issues that has affected all those who travel from Gojal towards the Southern parts of the country or from the South to the upper valleys of Gojal in Hunza. That is the portion of KKH damaged and affected by mountain sliding on the 4th January 2010. Since then, the government, civil society and the people of the area themselves did miraculous things to overcome the numerous challenges of life faced by more than 25000 affected population of Gojal together with all those businessmen and travelers who are compelled to travel on different pretexts. But the greatest trouble that everybody has noted and have taken into account is, the damaged portion due to moutain slides because of the dust which makes the travelers look like a Jinn, Ghost or demon while crossing that area. It causes great stress and strain on the minds of ladies, children and students.
    I therefore, appeal to the local government and FWO authority to arrange metalling of that specific portion to provide some relief to the travellers of all kinds. Secondly, it will also minimise the risk of accidents of vehicles, machinery and valuable human lives. As far as travelling by Boats is concerned, people have adapted to this new mode of travelling and are somehow enjoying it as a new experience.
    It is hoped that both the media and the concerned departments will give attention to this aspect in the larger interest of all travellers through Attabad disaster-hit area and would press upon the decision makers to arrange metalling of that 1-1/2 km portion of KKH on priority basis.

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