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GB Governance Order needs constitutional protection: speakers at seminar

Speakers addressing a seminar on the GB Governance Order held at KIU, Gilgit.

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Gilgit, December 22: The  Gilgit – Baltistan’s Empowerment Order 2009 came under scrutiny at a seminar organized at the Karakruam University. Speakers said that the Order is not a Holy Cow and it can be criticized and refined. The speakers also emphasized on converting the Presidential Order into a permanent law, by passing it through the parliament of Pakistan.

Speaking at the occasion, GBLA Speaker Waizr Baig said that the final destiny is getting representation in the national legislative system of Pakistan. “Our goal is to get representation in the National Assembly of Pakistan and the Senate”, he said, while also highlighting the important administrative changes in the region that were impossible without the 2009 order.

GB Law Minister, Wazir Shakil said that there were several flaws in the presidential order and it can be changed through a democratic and legal process, to ensure comprehensiveness.

PMLN leader Hafeezur Rehman said that the governance structure will remain faced with an uncertain future if it is not given constitutional protection. He further demanded to ensure that the benefits of the reform trickle down to the masses. Hafeez also blamed that due to the new administrative setup the non development expenditure had increased by 80%. He suggested to establish Student Council at KIU in order to developa new cadre of educated politician.

Advocate Ahsan, a left leaning leader, rejected any significance of the GB Order and said that the people of Gilgit-Baltistan have the right to decide the region’s future. He blamed the agencies for creating sectarian violance in the region in order to divide and rule. He also regarded the assebly as rubber stamp assembly.

Other speakers included KIU Vice Chancellor, Dean of the Department of IR, Advocate Amjad Hussain, Amin Beg and Advocate Ahsan Ali, among others.

The session was jointly organized by KIU’s department of International Relation, AKRSP and Mountain Development Network.

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