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Rescue 1122 planning to operate special boat in dammed Hunza River


Farman Karim

Gilgit, May 21 (TR): Rescue 1122 will start operating a special boat in the dammed Hunza River during this week. The boat will have first-aid equipment and it will provide 24 hours service in the region.

This was stated by Dr. Sher Aziz, Director of Rescue 1122 while talking to a delegation of “Gojal Youth Organization” here in Gilgit. He said that the boat will be manned by officials of Rescue 1122, who will be trained in provision of first-aid.

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  1. the forum name is gojal youth forum, not a gojal youth organization.please correct it

  2. It is very nice gesture By rescue 1122 to provide Emergency Boat service for the deprive Gojal on round the clock. Since the dammed emerge 2010 many patient have lost there lives.

  3. such a wonderful move by sir sheraziz.. sir hats off for you. if this facility will be available there ant the spill or any of the side of the mini dam, i will be helpful for the disaster affected area.
    once again i must say.. such a productive move by the official of rescue 1122

  4. Director Rescue 1122, great job. thanks for the supporting deserving people who have been facing constraints of mobility.

  5. The great effort made by you respected Sher Bahi, you have done this within a short time because you lives for others which the corrupt Government of GB never thought about it.
    God Bless You.

  6. Indeed a great job by director Rescue 1122, who had realized the sufferings of the area people, while the Govt authorities and public representatives always make false promises to the people.

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