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Sachet exhibits unique variety of Hunza handicraft

ISLAMABAD, Oct 25: Exquisite variety of traditional handmade products showcased in an exhibition by women artisans of Hunza valley. The exhibition was arranged by Sachet gallery in which huge collection of handmade items including mobile covers, key chains, passport bags and penholders were displayed.

Hunza handicrafts including doorbells, purses and traditional caps provided an eye-catching sight for art lovers.

However, the beautifully designed key chains by Mumtaz Akhtar were the main attraction for the visitors. Embroidered doorbells, bags and purses reflected the efforts of women artisans belonging to remote areas for preservation of traditional handicrafts. Besides, handmade cards, vases and ‘Tangas’ made by mentally and physically challenged persons from Rehabilitation Centre for the Physically Disabled (RCPD) Peshawar were also displayed on the occasion.—APP

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  1. It is very pleasing for me to see the progress and growth of KADO in a sustainable way as it could be for anyone who loves and cares about the hardworking and progressive people of Hunza. I have a comment regarding the pictures those are more often used now and then while show casing the activities and beneficiaries of KADO. Is it not possible to diversify and increase the image bank of KADO’s activities and those of Thread Net Hunza, because the pictures which often we see are almost 6 to 7 years old and do not have a good print. If I recall correctly these are the pictures we have taken in 2001 or 2002 as printed photographs, while at that time we had not access to digital photography. Now the latest versions of good quality digital imaging devices are widely available, it would be a good option to attract viewers with improved and more diverse images. I have visited KADO web site, again the quality of it needs a lot of work in terms of its organization, designing, images, and information than what it is providing currently. Web sides and images along with what is written provides a mirror image of the organizations for a lot of people who cannot visit and see the activities in a real scenario so it is highly important to present them at its best not loosely. Looking forward to have better representations of KADO’s activities, which should match its ground work.
    Best wishes,


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