Identifying the “unidentified”

He was just 18. On his way from Skardu to Rawalpindi by bus, he was targeted by some ‘unknown militant(s).’ Johar Ali Shigri was a student of class 10th who left his home (Baltistan) in a local bus- Mashabrum on December 25, 2011. When the bus stopped near ‘Juglot’ (50 km from Gilgit) at around 6:00 pm, he walked to a near hotel along with other passengers. Unfortunately, he was shot dead by some unidentified militant(s).

This is not a single case. There are so many such incidents in which innocent passengers belonging to a particular community are being targeted and killed by militants on Karakorum Highway, as well as Quetta and Parachinar.

This issue has remained unaddressed since long. It is the responsibility of Government of Pakistan and law enforcement agencies to investigate these incidents sincerely and ensure the security of its people by taking concrete steps.

Junaid Kamal

Gilgit Baltistan

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  1. I strongly condemn such for such shameful act. I request to the Gov. to take serious action against the millitant, terrorist and the enemies of Pakistan, who also killed our many beloved ones in few years. Otherwise it will definetely have negative impacts also, and the Gov. will be responsible for that. thanking you

  2. Taliban miliyancy is the BIGGEST THREAT for every Pakistani and Pakistan itself. Military HAS TO control it to save Pakistan. Oh Shaheed, we salute you, your parents, brothers, sisters and all your lovers. Labaik Ya Hussain

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