Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

Pakistan Rangers seize US military equipment [Express Tribune]

Pakistan Rangers have seized sensitive military equipment belonging to the US and Nato on security grounds,Express News reported on Friday.

According to the Ranger officials, the equipment will remain under their control until further orders are received from the government.

The rangers, for the purpose of storing the military supplies, have rented a yard namely Mega6 at the Port Qasim.

So far, 250 containers have been offloaded at the Mega6 yard.

It was reported earlier that the US has decided to export all its cargo, including military hardware and arms, out of Pakistan.

Sources told Express News that the break in supplies has frustrated US authorities to the point where they are now weighing various options to move around the cargo stranded at various locations in Pakistan.

According to sources, US cargo, stranded in Pakistan, is worth millions of dollars and US authorities have serious concerns over the safety of the cargo as it includes Humvee vehicles, dumpers, anti-aircraft guns, special carriers of anti-aircraft guns, vehicles specially built to jam communications, cranes and sophisticated weapons.

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