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Justice Abbasi to retire on January 14, CM says local cannot be appointed Chief Judge

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Gilgit, January 5: The summary for extension of Justice Abbasi’s extension had been sent with my full consent, but I have recalled it. Justice Abbasi of the Supreme Appellate Court will retire on January 14.

Justice Abbasi, Chief Justice of GB Supreme Appellate Court

This was stated by GB Chief Minister, Syed Mehdi Shah, while talking to media here in Gilgit. He further said that under current situation a local person cannot be appointed the Chief Judge of Supreme Appellate Court. He didn’t categorically explain the “current situation” but it is believed that the CM may have been referring to the sectarian distrust that has disrupted the situation of law and order in Gilgit – Baltistan.

In the meanwhile, Pir Karam Ali Shah has rubbished the news of his conflicts with Justice Syed Jafar Shah. He has said that as Governor he is legally bound to sign documents referred to him but in this particular case he didn’t sign the summary sent to him for approval. He has also said that a senior officer had contacted him for getting si

gnatures on the summary.

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