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Muhammad Ali Akhtar is creating hurdles for finalization of HNR headquarters: PPP Hunza

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Hunza, Nov 6: The local leaders of PPP in Hunza Valley condemned the statement of Finance Minister in which he had said that Wazir Baig was creating hurdles for finalization of the Hunza – Nagar district headquarters.

The PPP leaders said that Muhammad Ali Akhtar was telling a lie and trying to fool the public. They maintained that the real hurdle has been created by the Finance Minister himself, who wants the headquarters to be established in his own constituency.

It is pertinent to note that a committee formed by the GBLA had suggested establishment of the district headquarters at Saas Valley, Nagar, acceptable to majority of the people of Hunza-Nagar district. However, Muhammad Ali Akhtar had rejected the suggestion and instead demanded establishment of the headquarters in his own constituency.

Resolutions have already been approved by the GBLA for separate of Hunza and Nagar into two districts, on which no action has been taken so far.

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  1. I think it is really a shameful movement for our elected and selected political leadership of Hunza that a single person of Sub division Nagar and probably a minister of their own party is sabotaging the decision of the cabinet regarding selection of District HQ Hunza/Nagar in Saas Valley which is pending for the last three years. We never see the existence of our political members of Hunza in assembly nor within the party for which they sacrificed the whole nation of Hunza. It is also a matter of surprise that their stand or decision at any level is being projected, reciprocated or endorsed. We see these members always ready and proactive to condemn, declining the voice of his own voters forcefully and declaring our youth terrorists as they did during the assassination of our two innocent IDP’s in Aliabad in August 11, 2011 and these members were at first place in bringing the worst human rights violation in the history of Hunza, where hundreds of our youth were tortured, humiliated and convicted under ATA on political grounds. May God bless our Hunza, these members are really a nightmare for our people.

    Khudadad Alidad
    North Carolina USA.

  2. Mehdi Shah behavior towards Hunza is actually the revenge of August 11 2011 protests in Hunza during his visit to the area, he was unwelcomed, in which two innocent IDPs were killed by the police. Mehdi Shah supports the un-realistic demand of Muhammad Ali Akhtar to build headquarter of Hunza-Nagar district at the tail of the district boundary. The committee, formed by Mehdi Shah from the members of the council, has decided in majority votes to build the headquarters in Saas velly then why so called protectors of the Jamhuriat, not implementing and honor the decision of the majority?

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