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Temporary blockade on Attabad spillway blasted open, water discharge exceeds 50,000 Cusecs

A view of the temporary blockade on the spillway that will be blasted open. File Photo: Abdul Waheed

PT Report

Aliabad, February 27 (Updated at 04: 30)

The water discharge from the recently opened spillway of the Hunza River has exceeded 50,000 Cusecs, according to a reporter

Red mark showing decrease in the water level, at Gulmit. Courtesy: Faryad Baig

present at Ganish. “The water flow is certainly above the summer peak flow level”, the reporter told Pamir Times on phone.

Chief Minister Gilgit – Baltistan, Syed Mehdi Shah, pushed a button to blast the temporary blockade constructed on top of the Attabad Spillway. The water flow has gradually increased and some sources have said that the volume is almost equal to summer peak flow.

The timing of blast was extended because a chopper carrying the Chief Minister, FCNA Commander and DG FWO could not fly as a result of inclement weather conditions. 

Local people from Shishkat have reported that the water level is slowly going down. According to one person the water level had decreased by around 15 inches during the first hour. 

A state of emergency has been imposed in Hunza – Nagar district while administration, NGO, police and levies have been put on high alert in three more districts ahead of the blast that is likely to remove a temporary blockade on the spillway of dammed Hunza River.

Commander of the FCNA, Maj. General Ikramul Haq, has reportedly visited the spillway to check the preparations.

People in the low laying downstream areas have been instructed to stay away from river banks and avoid traveling on the Karakuram Highway. The highway will be closed for traffic today, an official of the district administration informed.


If you are able to get photographs, without putting yourself in danger, of the water flowing in the Hunza gorge after the blast, you can share it with us on

You are strongly advised to not put yourself in risk, while attempting to take a photograph.

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  1. This took over two years to organise. I remeber Chinese were ready to help in carrying out controlled blasts back in June 2010. How sad that we talk a lot but practically have not done anything for the sufferings of the people. In the process I am sure lots of money has been wasted in stupid schemes to meet this problem.

  2. Pamir team is requested to kindly intimate the fresh news regarding spillway, quantity of water flow,any danger to human life or property,any incident or any worth mentioning event.

    Jehangir Shah

  3. Hi PT,

    I hope you will be keep us updating with latest updates.

    Stay safe.

    Abid Dar

  4. kindly…..up date us regarding the situation and level of water time to time.. bcoz we are also living in a down stream village (jutal).

  5. They should throw more explosives at spillway by air at this time so that more damage to blockage could be done; as water is also pushing hard. possibly spillway could get more wide.

  6. Thanks for updating,
    Please keep us updating by latest with details as we are searching for latest in Pamir Times being local.

    Highly Appreciates Pamir Time efforts.

    Deedar Ali

  7. We all really appreciate Pamir Time’s efforts for updating us, and hop for more accurate information about the water flow
    you know, our first duty in the morning is to visit Pamir times then we take breakfast,I especially never missed a single day to visit Pamir Times
    From KAS
    Mr. Hikayat Shah
    Mr. Khudad Shah
    Mr. Abid Ali and
    Saleemuddin Shah thanks pamir times team

  8. why it took 2 years to do that step of blasting the spillway???many problems there caused by that landslide would not exist if they did blast after it happened. but good that finally it seems to work. Good luck and regards from austria

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