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Raja Hussain Maqpoon will be laid to rest in Skardu, Gilgit Press Club announces 7 days of mourning

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Islamabad, February 26: Chief Editor of Daily K2, who died in a traffic accident today, will be laid to rest in his native town located in Rondu sub-division, Skardu. His body will be shifted to Skardu today (Monday), according to family sources.

 Gilgit Press Club has announced 7 days of mourning to honour the departed journalist.

President Zardari and Prime Minister Gilani have paid glowing tributes to services of Raja Hussain Khan Maqpoon.

GB Governor, Chief Minister, Speaker GBLA, members of the cabinet and assembly members have expressed shock and grief over the death of the region’s most respected publisher and editor. Glowing tributes have been paid to him for his great services.

Volunteer reporters and editors of Pamir Times have also expressed grief and shock over the death of Raja Maqpoon.

11 thoughts on “Raja Hussain Maqpoon will be laid to rest in Skardu, Gilgit Press Club announces 7 days of mourning

  1. It is really shocking and sigh of grief that one of our great asset of GB raja Maqpoon khan in journalism field has left for eternal peace. It is not only loss for family but for GB as well as pakistan. We pray for his eternal peace and courage for his whole family. Ameen

    Ali Mehr
    Social activist

  2. It is so sad news.May his soul rest in eternal peace.He had such a great contribution in the field of journalism and was very supportive to the youth of GB.He will always be remembered as a great contributor for promoting peace and justice.

  3. Death of Raja Maqpoon is a great loss for all of us especially for the people of GB. His work, his untiring efforts & contribution for these areas would be remembered for ever. May Allah rests his soul in eternal peace! Ameen.

  4. its so sad to know the tragic death of Raja Hassan Maqpoon. May Almighty Allah rest his soul in the eternal peace and give his family the patience to bear this great loss. Ameen

  5. Alass i have lost a family friend,a brother and v all lost the pioneer of journalism in GB.Im shocked,grieved and can say just a word 4 those who were not aware of him and did all that wid him which was not suppose to be………
    Umar bhar sang zani krty rahy ehl e watan…ye alag bat hy dafnayengy ezaz k sath…….

  6. Today Mr. Raja Hussain Maqpoon one my best friend passed away from us. It is a big loss not for his family members but all the Northern Areas people are recipient of this irreparable loss. May Almighty Allah give the strength to bear the irreparable loss and rest the departed soul in eternal peace in Janat Firqus (Ameen)

    Farman Ali

  7. Indeed Maqpoon spearheaded journalism in GB and has played a significant role in raising awareness. May Allah Almighty give him eternal peace and give courage to his family for this irreparable loss.

  8. I pay really much grief and sorrow on the tregic death of Raja Maqpoon, one of by ever best companians. It is indeed an irreparable loss for the region in the field of journalism specifically. May his soul rest in peace. I pay my condolence to the family of deceased friend journalist, and pray for the far bearence.

  9. The tragic death of Mr. Maqpoon has really built a space in the field of Journalistic valour that never can be filled soon. His personality was entirely an example of bravery and stand-fastness. I pay my deep sorrow and pray for his soul’s eternal peace. I pray for his Family’s well being.

  10. ان للہ وان الیہ راجعون۔
    پلٹنے والے اسکے دربار میں لوٹ گئے۔ خدا اپنی بارگاہ میں انکے درجات بلند فرمائے اور پسماندگان کو صبر عطا فرمائے۔ خدا ہم سب پر اپنا رحم نازل فرمائے۔ آمین

  11. No doubt about loosing a young,brave and one of the founder of journalism in GB.May Allah forgive his sins and rest the departed soul in eternal peace in Jannat Ameen Summa Amieen.Here in North America all GB families and friends are in deep sorrow and praying for his maghfirat and bakhshish.
    I never met him but only spoke to him once on phone in 2006.
    My question to nation is why we don,t respect and love each other in life??? We hate each other when alive and start beating our chest and start missing some one once died. Pl think over and act upon.Thanks.

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