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18 people killed in Kohistan bus attack

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Gilgit, February 28 (updated 02:50)

Outlawed organization Jundullah has, reportedly, accepted responsibility for the murder of at least 18 Shia pilgrim this morning. Express Tribune has reported that a man named Marwat, head of Jundullah, has approached the media and accepted responsibility for the brutal murder of at least 18 people, including children and women.

Earlier, the BBC had reported that all victims of this tragic bus ambush belonged to the Shia community.

There are reports that majority of the victims belong to Gilgit, Nagar and Bagrote areas of the Gilgit Baltistan region.

A bus was attacked early morning today by unknown people in the Kohistan area, near Harban Nala. At least 18 people were killed and scores more injured as a result of the attack.

According to details, vehicle number ML 8371 was attacked in Harban Nala area, leading to indiscriminate massacre of passengers. The bus was, reportedly, carrying 26 passengers belonging to Gilgit – Baltistan. 7 people were injured in the incident, according to media sources.

The situation in Gilgit has become tense and traffic has disappeared from the road. Shops and markets have started closing down in fear of a backlash, according to local people.

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  1. I browsed your esteemed paper just today first time .I found it just amazing in the sense of its updates .your efforts are really appreciable i wish all the team very successful journey towards its destination .regards

  2. There is no end to such brutalities, once ignited in one corner or the other. people have to show resilience against and stand up to eradicate such elements which for their ulterior motives work against humanity. Our forefathers who were one for the freedom of GB, would not forgive our generation to failing to upkeep the region united and progressing. silent majority should not keep mum anymore and make the government realize that people of the region are as loyal to the motherland as of any province, if not ahead of them. Secondly, people of the region should also keep eyes open over the international elements which try to drag the region into the war for natural resources including much precious WATER…its not joke.

  3. Its really very sad. Brutality, no words.

    May Allah give maghfarat to all who died in the accident and give Sabar to their relatives and loved ones.

  4. May God rest departed soul in eternal peace and give courage to the effected families to bear this irreparable loss(Ameen). May God give guidance to such ignorant persons they don’t have sense what they are doing?


  5. Our deepest condolences to the families and friends who have lost their loved ones in this horrific and senseless killing. At this moment we pray that Allah may grant the departed eternal peace and give us all the patience to bear this very sad and tragic loss. We grieve and pray with our brothers and sisters of GB.

  6. It is beyond outrageous! This incident is a glimpse of what appears to be an unfortunate sunni-shia divide that is increasingly worsening across the globe. Sadly GB becomes the center stage frequently due to its demography. The fact that innocent lives are lost in this ongoing madness is simply despicable and unacceptable.

  7. BBBarbaric and wild! its a junk matter to be remorse d by everyone. Perpetrators executing such horrible act and than admitting on the media is extremely agonizing. The site has been at ease for such activities and it drags a lot of questions on law enforcing authorities to have a near look, to ensure security of thousands of passengers.

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