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Ghizer Police arrests Malik Afreen Khan on charges of abduction

GHIZER : Ghizer Police have arrested Malik Afreen Khan from outside the session court in Gahkuch. He was accused in kidnapping of four youth from the Hunderap locality of Phander in July 2019

The arrest was made after the judge of sessions court Gahkuch cancelled the bail of Malik Afreen Khan.

The court later handed over Malik Afreen to Gupis-Yasin police on physical remand.

Four youth, Akram, Ali Sher, Amir Wali and Alamgir, were allegedly abducted on gunpoint and taken across the valley to Kohistan KPK. The youth were handed over to Kohistan police after five days. The accused Malik Afreen had also filled FIR against the four abducted youth in Kohistan by accusing them of theft.

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This incident had sparked widespread protests in Ghizer.

Malik Afreen Malik is a resident of Kandia Badigo Gabral locality, Tehsil Komila, Kohistan.

The incident reportedly took place over a pasture dispute which is under trial in a session court in Gahkuch.

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  1. Every citizen of Pakistan is under a LAW no one is above. So Police has arrested the culprit and now should face the law of land.
    “where there is no fear there is no justice”

  2. [26/02, 20:14]
    Malik Bakhat Buland Khan was summoned by DC and DPO Upper Kohistan alongwith other notables (Jirga) over the issue of his viral video in which he made statement regarding Ismailis of GB. He was cautioned over the issue, where he excused/appologized and also gave his video statement appologizing over his yesterday’s statement.
    2. Moreover, fol was decided during a/m jirga:-
    a. No protest will be carried out over this issue in AOR.
    b. Both parties will org a grand jirga in GB (within 2-3 x days) to decide over the issue of Malik Afreen Khan and same jirga decision will also be presented in court.
    c. Legal formalities will be followed

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