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Funeral prayer of Kohistan carnage victims offered, dispatched for final rituals to Astore, Nagar and Skardu

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Gilgit, February 28: Thousands of people attended funeral prayers of the people killed by terrorists yesterday in the Kohistan District of Hazara Division. The funeral prayers were led by Imam Juma-wal-Jamat of the Central Imamia Masjid, Agha Rahat Hussain Al-Hussain.

The funeral prayers were attended by several members of the Gilgit – Baltistan Legislative Assembly (GBLA), along with relatives of the victims and thousands of ordinary people. Thousands of people had also come from the Nagar Valley of Hunza – Nagar district.

Addressing the funeral gathering, the speakers expressed anger and shock at the killing spree. Agha Rahat demanded resignation of the GB Governor and Chief Minister. He said that the government had failed to protect the citizens and it had no right to rule the region.

The speakers also demanded strong action against perpetrators of yesterday’s carnage. A seven point charter of demand was also presented to the government.

The dead bodies were shifted to Central Imamia Masjid after medical examination at the District Headquarters Hospital.

Nine of the dead bodies were later sent to Nagar Valley, in Hunza – Nagar district, three were sent to Astore, 1 to Skardu, 1 was buried at Sharot locality of Gilgit while body of one victim was sent to Parachinar, for burial. One body has not been identified, yet.

A final list of the victims is appended below.

From Nagar Valley

1. Muhammad s/o Shaban Ali (Thole)

2. Abdul Hussain s/o Behram (Phakar)

3. Faqeer Ali s/o Muhammad Sakin (Chaprote)

4. Najeeb Ullah s/o Asad Ullah (Phakar)

5. Rubaib al Hasan s/o Begu (Bar Valley)

6. Shaban Ali s/o Shafa Ali (Chalt)

7. Zahid Hussain s/or Mastan Ali (Chalt)

8. Nadeem s/o Qalb Ali (Jafarabad)

From District Astore

1. Nisar Abbas s/o Muhammad Raza (Harcho Astore)

2. Alam s/o Muhammad Ayub

3. Ansar Ali s/o Muhammad Ali

District Gilgit

1. Dostdar s/o Gulsamabar Khan (Sharot)

District Skardu

1. Syed Hussain Shah s/o Syed Akbar Shah


1. Jawahir Ali s/or Sarwar Ali

1 Unidentified 

Contrary to yesterday’s media reports, the terrorists had spared the lives of women children and the elderly. Seven people were injured in the worst terrorist attack during the last two decades.

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  1. Very shoking incident created unrestness in the area that is harmful for all the people leaving in GB,we need to develop harmany, brotherhood and peace , we pray to God that he may keep the souls of all the vicitims in eternal peace! Ameen

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