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Pictorial – The school that is a cattle shed

Safdar Ali Safdar

Gilgit, March 12: The Federal Government Boys High School Naltar Payeen is located in the picturesque Naltar Valley, in the Gilgit district, close to the regional capital.

This area is frequented by politicians, representatives of the armed forces, top bureaucrats and tourists from across the country and the world, who come here to enjoy the serene beauty and to participate in or watch skiing  competitions when the slopes are laden with snow.

It appears that these politicians, leaders of the armed forces and the many others who descend on the region to enjoy the beauty do not look beyond the beautiful mountains and slopes. Had they peeped deeper, they might have seen the fate of this school.

It goes without saying that strict action needs to be taken against those who are playing with future of the region by depriving the children of the opportunities to get education in more conducive learning environment.

The local people have hoped that the authorities will not leave any stone unturned to bring this school out of the abyss and punish those responsible for this state of affairs.

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  1. Very sad to see this.
    People of nulter should introduce some kind of tax to visitors, this way they can generate some capital to invest in sectors like education. because govt is not going to do something for them.

  2. Obviously the school would be cattle shed, where the curriculum is also full of straw to feed poor cattle in the sheds. The rulers have no concern with the children of vulnerable and marginalized. Because their own children are getting education in Europe and America to produce their fake predecessors to rule over animals.
    Naltar school is not the only example but in entire Pakistan the poor children go to eat straw in cattle sheds for further brain retarding to cost their votes for fake leaders. Instead of prevailing all these things, here are some stalwart kind of shear brainless people who defend their lords from committing these crimes. It means these kinds of people are crueler than their lords. Why they deny the truth? While things are happening and these unconscious stalwarts try to save their skin of uneducated lords.

  3. This is nothing new as our country is fully of such stories, but in the case of GB it concerns us alot. The Community needs to act following this case with the conern authoroties/GB Govt. and the same time should also have the community based schools. The time will not wait for the education of their young children until this cattle shed shool completes.

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