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Tehsil magistrate announces reduction of fares in Gojal Valley

Report: Didar Ali, Photograph: Ibrar Karim

Gulmit, November 10: Today in a meeting between Magistrate of Gojal Tehsil and representatives of Gojal Transport Association including President Rehmat Ullah Baig, Deputy President Najeeb Ullah and Secretary Sher Ali of Gojal Transport Association agreed upon reduction of passenger fares. The new fares will be effective from today.

Details are follow:                                                                            Old Fares PKR                    New Fares PKR

From Boat stand to Sost                                                                            200.00                                 180.00

From Boat Stand to Khyber                                                                       150.00                                 130.00

From Boat Stand to Passu                                                                         50.00                                   30.00

From Boat Stand to Hussaini                                                                     50.00                                   30.00

From Boat Stand to Gulmit                                                                        50.00                                   30.00

During the meeting the Magistrate has agreed to re-consider the boat fares and other public transport facilities. He requested the local commuters not to pay extra amount to local transport owners and to the boat owners.

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