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New Office bearers of OIDBSA sworn in

Hunza, April 14: The new office bearers of the Open Ismaili District Boy Scouts Association, Gojal-1 were sworn in at the Central Jamat Khana secretariat, Gulmit. Mr. Rahim Khan, President, Ismaili Council for Gulmit took oath from the new office bearers. He congratulated all the newly appointed and retired office bearers for extending service to the local community.

 The nominated office bearers for 2008-09 are Fida Hussain (ADSC), Inayat ullah Baig (Sec. ADSC), Faqir Karim Khawaja (Cluster GSl, Gulmit), Ehsan Ali (GSL Goze), Asadullah BAig (GSL, Gulmit Center), Jamil uddin (GSL Odver), Muhammad Ali (GSL, Chamangul), Shaukat Aziz (GSL Kamaris), Abbas Ali (GSL Hussaini), Muhammad Aadil (GSL Ghulkin), Zafar ( Cluster GSL Shishkat), FAyaz (GSL Shishkat Center).

Similarly the new office bearers of Open Ismaili District Boy Scouts Group, Gulmit, Center also took Oath of their offices. Mr. Faqir Karim, Cluster GSL administered the oath ceremony. The newly nominated office bearers include Tariq Rahim (Gen. Secretary), Akram Shah (RSL), Zeeshan Jabar (ARSL), Amjad Ali (UL), Aman Karim (AUL), Nawab Jan (Chairman Water and Shoes Service), Saeed Karim (Asst. Chairman W&SS), Fahim Afzal (Rehbar), Shahadat Jan (Naib Rehbar).

Zulfiqar Ali Khan, Ex-District Scouts Commissioner was also present at the occasion. The new office bearers reaffirmed their commitments to serve the community according to the constitution of Scouts.

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  1. Congratulation to All

    May Almighty Allah help you all to provide the services and khidmat with dedication and zeel.


    Piyar Ali

  2. salam to all

    I would like to request the DC, ADCs and cluster GSLs to promote social development through scouting and inject some positve thinking in the minds of our youth because they are on a stage where they can be moulded.
    Scouting is totally different from other organisations and unions,it always demands love,respect and KHIDMAT. hope that our new Cabinet will take it to new hieghts.

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