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Gojal: Lake drainage continues slowly

PT Report

Shishkat, February 29: Release of stored water from the dammed Hunza River continued for the third day. The total drop in water level has been estimated at around 20 feet. Out of the 20 feet the net drop in water level is 9-10 feet, while the rest relates to the water stored as a result of the spillway blockade.

The water drop has exposed parts of the village of Shishkat and Gulmit. The photographs below will explain the situation as of February 29, 2012.

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  1. Thanks for the pictorial update, if you could kindly give the details about the surfacing of the road, it will help the travelers. -Pamirtimes remains my first choice as i open the net.

  2. Dear PT Team,

    I really appreciate your efforts for updating us in real great manners. Keep it up.

    Is it possible to increase the frequency of updates regarding flow of water and comments of local area. That will be really great for all of us.

    Stay blessed.

    Abid Dar

  3. Thank God, some parts of the drowned villeges are coming to the surface and it created hope for the people that they will rebuilt their houses and it also provided guidlin to FWO to work with proper planning

  4. dear sir,do you have some pictures of the samespot before and after drainage?that will be very good for a common person to know how much water level has decreased.very good job.keep on guys

  5. Thank you Pamir Times for the updates on the water draining from the Gojal lake! We appreciate ur efforts in keeping your readers around the planet informed about one of the remotest part of the Wold! Opening parts of the lower parts of village Gulmit and Shishkat, which will enable the affected people to reconstruct their houses and start plantation at the start of this spring season! May Allah save our valley!

  6. Efforts of Pamir Times team members is commendable on updating on ATTAABAD (Actually GOJAL LAKE).

    All of us are suffered directly or indirectly.

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