Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

Centuries old traditional festival of Tukhm Rezi is being celebrated in Yasin Valley

Safdar Ali Safdar

Gilgit, March 9: The centuries old agricultural festival of Yasin Valley is underway with zeal and zest. The celebrations have started already and are likely to continue till 12th of March, according to the historical schedule of festivity.

Tukhm Rezi, a Farsi term, means sowing of seeds, and denotes the beginning of the season of farming activities. The people of Yasin attach a lot of importance to the festival of Tukhm Rezi, due to its historical and cultural aspects. It is celebrated every year at a mega level.

Some of the activities carried out during this festival include traditional polo match, horses jump, dancing on traditional music, symbolic ploughing, wood fire and mountain lighting, among others. Towards the end, the festival becomes a moment of collective implore for peace and harmony in the valley, the region and the entire country. Special prayers are offered for love and unity among all human beings and people resolve to spread the message of life and continuity. This year special prayers are also being offered for the innocent people killed in Kohistan and other parts of the country.

A special traditional dish called Diram is also prepared in every home and shared with neighbors, friends and relatives.

Yearly thousands of national and international tourists have been attending the festival and enjoying to the unique traditional festival of Yasin valley. Raja Jahanzeb, younger son of Raja Ghulam Dastigir, hosts the festival and organizes all activities of the festival efficiently with the help of local masses.

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