Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

[Pictorial] Thag’ham Festival celebrated in Gojal

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This pictorial captures an annual farming festival held in Gojal valley. We are thankful to Mr. Faiz Ali, a freelance photographer, for sharing the photographs.

If you want to know more about the the festival, please visit:

4 thoughts on “[Pictorial] Thag’ham Festival celebrated in Gojal

  1. Another wonderful festival to welcome Spring. I attended a Spring festival in Yasin Valley in 2006 which was a highlight of my visit in Pakistan.

    Photo Album can be visited at:

    I also have videos of Shimshall, Rakaposhi and Fairy Meadows.
    There will be 4 more videos added of the regions in weeks to come.

    They can be seen at:

    I wish I were there to see the lovely sweet blossoms dotting the sides of mountains and in the valleys.

    Beautiful country!

  2. •Culture of secrecy about pay that holds sway in too many workplaces?

    •Thus popular cultures protest or resist in a contradictory manner, for they are already implicated in the status quo.

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    •They are young people blazing a trail that will be followed by youth cultures for decades to come.

    Love you all my Gojali Brothers and Sister.


  3. Shogun Bohor Mubarak to all Gojalis and other brothers. Enjoy this upcoming Spring with zest enthusiasm.

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