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CM’s Inspection Commission unearths fraudulent projects

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Gilgit, March 16: Another major corruption scandal has been unearthed by Chief Minister’s Inspection Commission in Gilgit – Baltistan.  According to a report presented to cabinet committee, the commission has found fake projects worth 30 crore rupees. The report reveals that Works Department gave 20 crore rupees worth of development projects to the contractors without following the legally required bidding process. Also, the Water and Power Department has reportedly contracted out 10 crore rupees worth of projects without following proper documentation procedures.

“Some projects are found only in papers and there is no evidence to support that they also exist on the ground”, the Commission’s report has revealed.

The report also discloses that both departments prepared a fake list of contractors for payment and the names of those contractors who have completed their work were not included in the list. The chairman of the cabinet committee provincial minister for water and power Wazir Shakeel and member provincial minister for works Bashir Ahmad Khan taking immediate action have issued orders to stop the all payments.

It is worth mentioning that all these projects were prepared for reconstruction of roads, bridges and power stations.

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  1. I really appreciates the efforts of our all committed leaders who are putting their efforts to reduce and eradicate the corruption from society as well as from GB. A lot of things need to be done to stream line the systems.If committees and responsible personnel demonestrate impartiality they can take this region towards development. Now a days Zero accountability and transparency looks arpund the society. This will lead us towards a declination of society as well as all types of institutions whether these are semi or Government.

    Ali Mehr
    Social activist

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