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GB govt plans strict action against miscreants, Rehman Malik promises Judicial Commission

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Gilgit, April 4: The GB cabinet met here today to discuss the precarious law and order situation in the wake of 04/04 violence, which led to the death of up to 18 people and injured around 50 others.

The cabinet decided to take “all necessary steps” to eliminate terrorism. Addressing the meeting GB chief minister, who arrived today from his controversial visit of Naudero, said that the law enforcing agencies will be given free hand to nab the culprits and restore peace in the region. The meeting was briefed by representatives of different organizations related to security.  

Meanwhile, Federal Interior Minister has said that a judicial commission is being formed to investigate the recent spate of violence in Gilgit – Baltistan. He said that the killings in Gilgit and Chilas are not sectarian in nature, blaming foreign forces for the incident who, he said, are trying to destabilize Pakistan. He also said that forces have been deployed in Gilgit to ensure safety and security.

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  1. False statements and promises by Rehman Malik, our interior minister. Shame on CM Mehdi Shah for failing to deliver his responsibilities and staying in Naudero, Sindh, to please Zardari during this difficult times in GB.

    Killing innocent people to delight Allah and Mullah for securing a place in Paradise is what we call religion. Pakistan needs a Mustafa Kamal Attaturk to eradicate Mullahs and their religious fanaticism.

    1. TRUE SAID
      Pakistan needs a Mustafa Kamal Attaturk to eradicate Mullahs and their religious fanaticism.

  2. Mr Rehman Malik if your such so called judiciary commission were able to do some thing, they first have stop the blood shed going on in Karachi for years. kindly we know you cant do anything in this regard but please don’t spread more hatred by involving third hand in the incident. If it is not sectarian clash then what the hell your all security agencies after death of around 45 people…..?????

  3. @Gohar shah, fully agree with u, we really need a Mustafa Kamal to throw these Mullas out.

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