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Grand peace Jirga to be reorganized

GILGIT, Nov 23: The Executive Committee of Grand Peace Jirga of Gilgit‑Baltistan has decided on Sunday to reorganize the Jirga to maintain peace and tranquility in the area.The Grand Jirga would have new members who enjoy influence in their respective localities. This was stated in a meeting held here at Northern Areas Legislative Secretariat with Speaker Malik Mohammad Miskeen in chair, who is also the chairman of the Grand Peace Jirga.

The meeting reviewed performance of the Jirga and paid glowing tributes to those who rendered untiring services for the establishment of durable peace in the region.

Those participating in the meeting expressed resolve to proceed further with mission of peace and vowed to continue preaching message for maintaining tolerance among the people of all school of thoughts.

On this occasion, Senior administration and Police officials assured the meeting of their full cooperation to strengthen the institution of Jirga. (APP)

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  1. We do not know and have never concluded who might be responsible for disrupting peace in our small society. But, whoever executes this upheaval prevents us fighting our political and economic wars. We have seen many riots and mayhem in our society, mostly in the name of religion, and, every time experienced the same bitter aftermaths. It is every time beyond comprehension that whom we try to dominate when we have, by default, a pluralistic society.

    I would mention here my personal observation, which is a very sorry state too, that our young generation, especially students, feel very proud to be part of the front line fighters of any political or religious parties in Gilgit as well as other parts of the country. For instance, we have Northern Areas Students Association (NASA), an association of students from Northern Areas in Karachi University, with a mandate to organize our students, facilitate the new comers, and create harmony among the students from various ethnic and religious backgrounds. But, it is a pity that our students prefer to be part of other extremist political and religious associations, which causes our ethnic and religious rift or exacerbates it further.

    Anyhow, the Grand Peace Jirga is a welcome step to maintain durable peace in our region. A long run peace can change the mentality of our young and future generation who can employ all their energies for development and progress, which is in the best interest of all.


  2. Any forum or step in the direction of sustaining peace and promoting tolerance is a welcome step. The grand jirga and the Speaker deserve appreciation for this.

    When expediencies and exigencies of the internal and external political and strategic dynamics changed after 2005, the ‘powers that be’ has ‘tactically’ agreed to stay away from inciting sectarian hatred, which they believed was the key instrument to, ‘divide and rule’.
    It is hoped that the new democratic government in islamabad will make a strategic choice to maintain peace in this sensitive region. It is only through ‘peace dividend’ that islamabad could win the hearts and minds of the people.

    the civil society, the elected representatives, the media and the youth need to work hand in hand to institutionalize peace building as for sustainable development and struggle for constitutional and human rights to succeed, sustainable peace is a prerequisite.

    Amin Beg

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