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GB Government authorizes military operation in Gilgit and Chilas

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Gilgit, April 5: The Gilgit-Baltistan government has decided to launch an army operation in Gilgit and Chilas to root out terrorists and crack down on miscreants who have held the city hostage for months. The operation is likely to be continued while the curfew remains imposed. Heavy contingents of Pakistan Army have been deployed in the region for this purpose.

According to sorces provincial cabinet in its meeting has approved the proposal of army operation in violence hit areas of the region.It has reportedly been decided that no stone would be left unturned for the restoration of government’s writ. Officials of security agencies laso attented the meeting and briefed the cabinet about the law and order situation of the region.

The security authorities, reportedly, demanded free hand for the operation.

During the meeting cabinet members were of the view that government should take full benefit of army deployment and terrorism should be eliminated from roots.

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  1. we all are shocked with the current situations created in GB through sectarin mind set and lose government policy and poor administration that has sufferd the peace lovers and inocent people of the area. Every day curfew and keeping people at home by force is not the only solution of the current situation. If it is a democratic government than every one has a right to leave in peace and fredum of moement not to hostage the people on gunpoint.All the elected members are equal responsible for this situation and they have no right to hold the public mandate if they are powerless.At all cost we need harmany,peace and freedom of movement in the area and also protecation of lives of the people.

  2. A very intelligent decision from the cabinet, Army should be given full time authority to inspect every single places in Chilas and Gilgit.

  3. This is the best decision according to the situation, army must use their power and kill those bustard terrorists like rats . . .

  4. good decision.. justdo it before its too late… the operation should also done in daral n tangeer bcoz taririset find shulter there.. they r also responsible for all this…

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