Qaqlasht Festival concluded

Courtesy: Chitral News

On April, 22 the grand four days festival of Qaqlasht concluded. In this festival 18 teams of Football, 26 teams of Cricket, 8 teams of polo, 18 teams of football participated and matches of tug of war, Falcon prey, Race, Shooting( of ‘Siyah Kaman’), Quiz competition, Local hockey, Buddy Dik, Cultural show, Mushaira, Traditional food stalls, and paragliding were held. 

The final match of football won by Reshun team the playing against Booni (B), Mulkhow International got victory in Cricket playing against Reshun Friends Cricket Club, Kuragh (A) won Volley ball from Booni Gol and Final match of Polo was won by Border Polo team from Booni team. D.C.O Chitral, DDRO, TMO Mastuj, Chairman Jashn-e-Qaqlasht Committee, ANP leader, PTI leader, and Student Representatives, leader of Jamat –e-Islami, Al-Khidmat Foundation, and RPM Hashoo Foundation presided as chief guests of different matches in four day’s festival.

D.C.O Chitral Rehmat Ullah Wazir formally opened the final match of polo accompanied with Sultan Rum of Booni and chaired as chief guest in the match. The RPM Hashoo Foundation Mr. Sultan Mehmud presided over grand Mushaira. About 80 known Khowar poets of Chitral presented their Hymn, Poem and Ghazal contextualizing the issues the culture, values, festivals and issues of Chitral.

Concluding ceremony of Qaqlasht festival was presided over by D.C.O Chitral Rehmat Ullah Wazir as Chief Guest, commenced with the recitation of Holy Quran by Qari Tanzil-Ur-Rehman. .Jasn-e- Qaqlasht committee member Mr. Fakhruddin Khan on behalf of the Chairman Jashn-e- Qaqlasht Committee; Shahzada Skindar-Ul-Mulk and committee members, thanked cordially Minister of Sport and Culture KPK Mr.Syed Aqeel Shah, Managing Director Sharhad Tourism Corporation, D.C.O Chitral, Commandant of Chitral Scout, T.M.A Mastuj, Police officers and corps especially D.S.P of Tehsil Mastuj, Hashoo Foundation , AKYSB , Focus Humanitarian Assistance Program, AKPBSP and EPHI for their personal input and organizational sponsorship. He also thanked the Media personnel of print and electronic media for the coverage of the festival and the onlookers of Chitral and down country. 

Chief guest; District Coordination Officer, Mr. Rehmat Ullah Wazir again thanked personnel’s and NGOs for their contributions for making the festival conspicuous and attractive especially Chairman Jashn-e-Qaqlash Committee and Volunteers, Players, Provincial government and Minister of Sports and Culture for their contributions in the festival.While addressing he said that defeat and victory is the part and parcel of the game and entering to the ground for playing is the real representation of its abilities. The main purpose of a game is to increase friendliness and sense of group work.
This festival best represents the people of Chitral and its love, integrity and unity from Arandu to Boroghul, he said.

He further said that after meeting with Jashn-e-Qaqlasht Chairman and Committee, while be in contact with Provincial government, we will hold Cultural Stalls here in the festival, for its projection. Both Jashn-e-qaqlasht and Shandur are identical famous festivities of Chitral but have their own peculiarities. He at the end of his speech thanked all again and distributed trophies among the winners and runners up teams of the festival. — report and pics by, Alhaj Muhammad Khan, Charun 23 April 2012.

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