Darvesh Karim’s book on IT integration in Education published

Darvesh Karim’s book on IT integration in Education published

Darvesh Karim, a renowned teacher hailing from Hunza valley in Gilgit – Baltistan region, has penned down a book on effective integration of IT in the process of learning. The book has been published by Lambart Academic Publishing. The publishers have described the book in the following words.

“Attitudes play a very significant role in acceptance of any idea or innovation. Prior research studies have established the significance of computers and the attitude of headteachers which can either be a hindering factor or a facilitator for computer integration in education. To explore the attitudes of the headteachers in the Pakistani context, this study was conceptualised. The major aim of the study was to determine the attitudes of headteachers towards the use of computers in education, while the subsidiary aim was to explore the relationship between demographic characteristics of the participants and their attitude towards the use of computers in education. A survey questionnaire was adopted to gather data. Through this tool, a sample of 185 headteachers was assessed. The participants comprised a mix of rural and urban areas of Sindh and Balochistan. The study has highlighted the importance of providing computers to the headteachers in their offices and need for offering relevant training programmes for the headteachers. Also, further research is needed to understand the relationship between attitudes towards computers and its actual use in schools”.

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