Man threatened by land mafia, seeks justice

Chitral: Sultan, a resident of Gobor Valley, addressing the press conference in which he sought help and justice

Gul Hammad Farooqi

Chitral: A family belonging to Goboor valley near Pak Afghan border area of Tehsil Lutkoh has demanded protection from what he described as the land mafia. Head of the family, named Sultan, started weeping while talking to the media at a press conference. He alleged that his ancestral land is being occupied some influential people. He was accompanied by his family members also.

Speaking to the media he accused a person named Haider Ali Shah, whose father was reportedly an Ataleeq – collector at the time of Mehter regime, responsible for managing the Usher (10th part of the total product, on behalf of the ruler.

The person accused Haider Ali Shah of selling their land to a man named Muhammad Faiz, son of Dolat Bai, on forged documents. The man maintained that his forefathers had cultivated the land for decades.

He said that the land mafia is now trying to snatch his family’s hard earned means of livelihood. He said that now Fiaz and his group with the help of local administration were trying to occupy the piece of land.

The man appealed to the Chief Justice of Peshawar High Court, CM KPK, DCO, DPO and other officials to come to his rescue and ensure justice.

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  1. how can anyone trust this post without having knowledge about the fact. they have used the name of honourable person here, he is known for his hummanity all over chitral. this is not what u call land mafia grabbing a poor person land, its just that the landlord has sold his property which belonged to him for ages… let this poor person go through the court trial and we all will come to know about the reality!! a very smart action by this local person to snatch property of our honourable landlord … he is the owner of the lands and has all the right to sell his property whenever he wants and to whomever he wants.. i myself belong to this area and know about all the facts .. the person appeal is fake and he will get nothing by this, or may be its the conspiracy hatched by our lords rivals. so WE DONT BELIEVE IN THIS CRAP , GO AND SEE WHAT U GET THROUGH COURT

    1. @@saif Ullah you are right bro i m with you these peoples of goboor are just refugees and thay want to capture these lands from the most honorable and kind person… so i requeest to other peoples please dont use abusing words against Haji Daulat bai family…thanks..

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