PTI announces cabinet for Chitral

Chitral – PTI organizing committee in it’s meeting held at Peshawar under the chairmanship of Rustam Shah Mohmand has announced the following cabinet for Chitral district:- President Abdul Latif, Gen Secy Haji Sultan Muhammad, SVP Sajjad Ahmad, VPs Muhammad Ishaq and Aftab M Tahir, Jt Secy Altaf Gohar Advocate, Info Secy Qasim Khan, Fin Secy Shahzad Gul.

PTI leader Wg Cdr (r) Fardad Ali Shah has congratulated the officially announced appointment holders and hoped they would work faithfully and selflessly for the cause and manifesto of the PTI.

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One Comment

  1. Dear Mr. Bercha. In time of grief and extreme sorrow, one prays and one grieves. However one does not spew intolerant words and ideas to resolve a long standing and difficult issue.
    I am sad to hear your ideas regarding the eviction of non locals .. you have obviously not really though of what you are saying. By dumping all non locals into one basket, you are saying that everyone from outside is bad and everyone from GB is good? Where do you live Mr. Bercha? and your relatives? and your children? If they live outside GB should they too be evicted where there is trouble in that part of the world? Blaming others for ones problems is an old excuse and surely you do not believe that this can happen .. you are sowing further seeds of discontent by suggesting such ideas, especially at such a sensitive time.
    The way to resolve these issues are to take responsibility, ownership of ones problems and resolve them in-house. Elect the right people, hold them accountable and fight for your rights .. even when things are going well.
    Peace will not come to GB overnight and without the people doing something about it .. wishful and rash thinking is not going to resolve anything. I am not from GB, but I love the land and know that it will take a lot of sacrifice to fix the problems. Please suggest positives and bring people together rather than suggesting more divides.

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