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GISAK gets new cabinet, glowing tributes paid to outgoing leaders

Karachi: Outgoing chairman of GISAK and his team were praised by all for reviving the organization

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Karachi: The Gojal Ismaili Students Association Karachi (GISAK) organized an interactive session yesterday where professionals and experts from different walks of life shared their experiences with students at the auditorium of Aga Khan University’s Rufaida Nursing School. The interactive session was followed by oath taking of the new cabinet.

Newly appointed members taking oath

Participants of the session presented a standing ovation to the outgoing cabinet’s successful efforts for revival of GISAK. Special tributes were paid to the outgoing chairman, Karim Ali Bhadur, whose leadership helped the students body to reorganize and move forward.

According to details Alam Jan from Shishkat village was selected new Chairman of GISAK, while Anial from Passu was elected the vice.chairperson. Other members of the central cabinet include Didar (Ghalapan) as General Secretary, Inayat (Khyber) as Joint Secretary and Ali Yar (Chipursan) as Finance Secretary. The central cabinet will take members from all villages of Gojal valley to form a central body.

A musical programme was also presented at the end of the session in which young singers, Irfan Aly, Raza Baig, Nadeem and Imran entertained the audience, numbering around 300 people.

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  1. Congratulation new leadership and thanks and best wishes to former leaders to work more added zeal and zest to develop the area and guide the students towards their right direction.

    Ali Mehr

  2. It gave me great pleasur to know that GISAK is very active for the students wellbeing and providing inovative platform for the students of gojal studing in Karachi . I congatulate to Ex and new managment for taking responsiblities . As I observed the images and list of new managing body female students are missing they should be involved and give chance to serve the students there should be gender balanced society.

  3. Congratulations to the new cabinet. Wishing them all the best for their future endeavors.


  5. GISAK is really a great platform to develop leadership skills in the youth of Gojal. Congratulation to out going and in coming cabinets. Hope the new cabinet will join hands work for the welfare of the students brethren in particular and the community residing in Karachi and elsewhere in General.

  6. first i give congratulation to new cabinet of GISAK Karachi,the cabinet members are mostly selected old members we need to give chance new students and who has leader ship quality and serve his time for butterment of student,the selection quality is not transprent here all student has some observation on the some cabinet members.

    munir rumi.
    FMD Dep AKUH

  7. Appreciated the leadership of outgoing chairman Mr.Karim who have put every efforts in reviving the association. I hope the new coming cabinet and chairman will follow the same path and will show more progress than previous year in terms of helping students . Engr M.Hussain USA

  8. I 100% agree with munirrumi The Favoritisum level in Cabinet is 100% when i aks to give me a chance to share my input with students/Youth i could not get time. But same some one else request given time.
    There is no involement of youth …. just to encourage specific people have some relation with members.I saw no professionalisum in Cabinet members and still they are with team.

  9. Brilliant effort to develop and train leadership and congratulations to the team for carrying on good tradition. Having said that one feels little disappointment not to see young women and this raise serious questions and concerns.

  10. Wish u all the best to the newly elected cabinet of GISAK. Keep it up!

  11. Dear all
    thanks for the compliments, wishes and critics. your critics and suggestions are more important for us from which we can learn and implement our policies accordingly.

    thanks once again!!

    alam jan

  12. Many Congrats for out and in cabinet in the GISAK and very appreciated for come back with hopes.

    professionalism comes from experience and experience comes from professionalism and criticism comes from nonprofessionals, because they never tried to swim in the sea to get the depth level. so i have request to all if you have time to give your service to the institution, will be appreciated.


    Sher Karim

  13. Congrats to the new cabinet and hope they will work with the same spirit and enthusiastic. My heartiest congratulation to the outgoing cabinet under the leadership of Mr. Karim by their sincere efforts and hard work GISAK was able to come up with success after long period.
    I appreciate the work of the outgoing cabinet for organizing series of successful events during their tenure and given GISAK a vision, objective and direction for move forward for the welfare and benefit of the students in Karachi
    Muscat -Oman

  14. Congratulations! I hope the new coming cabinet and chairman will follow the same path and will show more progress than previous year in terms of helping students

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