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International Pamir Festival 2009 being held in Wakhan


by Ali Aman Gojali (Event organizer)

Wakhan, September 21: A two days long International Pamir Festival 2009, will be celebrated on 27th and 28th September, at the roof of the world, Sarhad-e- Buroghil, Wakhan in the Badakhshan province of Afghanistan. Artists from Tajikistan, Pakistan and China have been invited to attend the festival, along with the local artists, to perform in the festival.

Traditional  Music, dances, songs, cultural dresses and traditional games will be held during the festival, providing a rare opportunity for Wakhi speaking artists from the four countries. This is for the very first time that artists from all four countries containing Wakhi speaking population will participate in a single event. It would prove to be an opportunity of reflection, as well as an impetus for developing strategic bonds in the field of art and culture.

Pamir FestivalThe festival will see song performances in categories like Wathan Bayed, Flak, Dough Bayed and Raboyee Bayed, performances of musical instruments like Rabab, Sitar, Tambura, Ghaz`hek and Duff and dances in the  Pamir, Sham Sheer Bozee, Diwan Raqce and Anthrak styles. 

Traditional games like Buzkashee, Polo, Pohiga /hour races,  Qasting /Polwani , Ciklek /Tuksuree and Suthoy too, will also be played during the festival.

Both festival nights will be “Sufi Nights”, with performances in Qaceda, Munajuth and Souse Bayed.

This year’s Pamir Festival is being organized by the  Ministry of Information and Culture, Afghanistan in collaboration with Wakhan Tourism and Cultural Promotion, AKF – Afghanistan.

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  1. Great Initiative Ali Bhai Keep up the good work. Adding value to the PAMIRS.

    Warm regards and EID Mubarak

    Haider Karim

  2. Niece event is going to arranged by the institutions, pray for the success of the programme. My message is love and brotherhood to all Pomiri.

  3. Dear ali ,
    great to know that best wishes from Explore pakistan team and we really happy to see David and the success of Maling ,gurgali Amirdin .it all bout tourism development .
    best regards
    Meharban karim

  4. Ali Aman Bhai,
    Congratulations and wish you a very successful event and celebrations.


    M. Khaliq
    Bamyan Afghanistan

  5. Bravo ! Hope it will be wonderful event, please try engaging some artisans in our forthcoming Wakhi Festival to be held at Islamabad by Oct.17, 2009.

  6. —Here I am endorsing some of my questions/suggestions for the experts of the concern institutions:

    1- Lesson to learn for the interprenure ships for local community??

    2- How such programmes are designed/planned with understanding to make it transboarder-relating education, economical, social and cultural linkage for a better living??

    3- How we look for genrating/maximum funds from such occassions??

    4- What are the basics to tell the International Community that-Wakhan is a safe place for tourists??

    My best wishes to all the habitants of WAKHAN..

  7. Bravo ! Hope it will be wonderful event, please try try to make it a self sustainable through the help of local.

  8. Dear Ali Aman,

    Glade to hear that the activities/events in Tourism Project Badakhshan are expanding & moving in a right direction. The socio-political situation in boarder districts including Wakhan was quite complex when i started Tourism Project Badakhshan in 2005. I will never ever forget the generous support extended to me by couple of notables in Ishkashim & Wakhan including Waheed Khan, Chief of the boarder security force, Baz Mohammad of Focus, Pir Panja, Pir Qozdeh & Toshi boy. Kindly convey my best regards & best wishes for the success of the project.

    I would appreciate if you could update me on the current activities of the project

    Best Regards
    Farman Ali

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