International Pamir Festival 2009 being held in Wakhan

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by Ali Aman Gojali (Event organizer)

Wakhan, September 21: A two days long International Pamir Festival 2009, will be celebrated on 27th and 28th September, at the roof of the world, Sarhad-e- Buroghil, Wakhan in the Badakhshan province of Afghanistan. Artists from Tajikistan, Pakistan and China have been invited to attend the festival, along with the local artists, to perform in the festival.

Traditional  Music, dances, songs, cultural dresses and traditional games will be held during the festival, providing a rare opportunity for Wakhi speaking artists from the four countries. This is for the very first time that artists from all four countries containing Wakhi speaking population will participate in a single event. It would prove to be an opportunity of reflection, as well as an impetus for developing strategic bonds in the field of art and culture.

Pamir FestivalThe festival will see song performances in categories like Wathan Bayed, Flak, Dough Bayed and Raboyee Bayed, performances of musical instruments like Rabab, Sitar, Tambura, Ghaz`hek and Duff and dances in the  Pamir, Sham Sheer Bozee, Diwan Raqce and Anthrak styles. 

Traditional games like Buzkashee, Polo, Pohiga /hour races,  Qasting /Polwani , Ciklek /Tuksuree and Suthoy too, will also be played during the festival.

Both festival nights will be “Sufi Nights”, with performances in Qaceda, Munajuth and Souse Bayed.

This year’s Pamir Festival is being organized by the  Ministry of Information and Culture, Afghanistan in collaboration with Wakhan Tourism and Cultural Promotion, AKF – Afghanistan.

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