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Divaako Media Services gets new cabinet

Hunza, June 22 (PR): Divaako Media Services, a registered community based media initiative of Gilgit – Baltistan based in Hunza Valley, has got a new cabinet. The cabinet comprises of  Sher Baz Ramal as Chairman, Karamat Karim as Director Media Outreach, Ikram Najmi as Director IT, News and Transmission, Karim Salman as Director Marketing and Production Management, Mehmood Karim as Director Finance and Ghazi Karim as Director Cinematography and Set Designing.

Divaako Media Services was founded 7 years back to promote  media services group founded seven years ago to promote rich cultural heritage of the region and to create harmony among the masses, as well as to promote education and social norms and values. So far the media group has produced various social, cultural and educational values through their programmes.

Divaako Media Services® has been in the field of media and communication for many years. Since its inception in 2006, it has rendered quality services to the public notwithstanding numerous hurdles in production, casting, finances and airing.

Although its coverage and scope is limited to Central Hunza Region – some parts still not receiving the signals – it has developed a reasonable credible slot for itself.

Divaako Media Services is fast becoming the new voice of the people of Hunza in the field of visual media. This new voice serve people’s needs for entertainment, cultural enlightenment, and human contact, and provide readily accessible and meaningful content in local languages.

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  1. We are proud of you. please keep up the efforts and services you are making as an influential source impacting on locals. As part of my recent visit to Hunza, I would strongly suggest to focus on :
    a) Promote the basic values of Hunza that made our land the most peaceful place to live among the people especially the youth;
    b) You would ask what were the values: the value of brotherhood or support to each other;the value of respect to elders irrespective of gender; the value of hardwork- the integrity of work- which made it possible to populate ourselves beyond the limits of Hunza;
    Wish you all the best in your endeavours

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