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The old wine and bottle in a new wrapper – Enter the Governor


The Federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit – Baltistan, also the Federal Information Minister, is sworn in as the Governor of Gilgit – Baltistan.

Oath taking photographs by Asghar Khan

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  1. This is a jock with the Great Gilgit & Baltistan Peoples, the governor must be from Gilgit Baltistan

  2. koi umeed bar nahi atti
    koi surat nazer nahi
    lets see what will innovative measures are to be held by this government…

  3. Shame on Mohd Musa and other local leadership. their ultimate wish is to have a photo shot with any federal minister. these paupers and sycophants cannot deliver anything. We are the only nation in the world that rejoices at the exploiting by others. here is the proof where our leaders are offer garlands to Kaira, the who deserves rotten eggs and tomatoes. Lets have a special section in Pamir Times where we can highlight contradictions, meekness and double standards of our leaders. this time Nazir Sabir and Musa qualified for this title.

  4. A person from Gujar Khan is taking oath from a person belonging to Mianwali, what a selfgovrnance rule given by PPP

  5. I guess it is a new kind of empowerment and self-governance invented by illiterate and mentally handicaped parliamentarian of PPP government,

    It is just frustrating, embarrassing and disgusting.

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