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[Pictorial] Update on the Karakuram Highway repair

Special Correspondent

The Chinese Roads and Bridges Corporation (CRBC) has been working on expansion and repair of the historical Karakuram Highway since 2007. The project has been dragging on for various reasons, including natural disasters and human inefficiencies.

As part of the project the KKH had been dug up from Thakot in Hazara to Khunzhrav, near the Chinese border, making journey on the “Shahrah-e-Resham”, as some call it, a painful experience.

However, during the year 2012 the pace of work has been increased and major portion of the road between Gilgit and Khunzhrav has been paved and carpeted. Work on the section close to the dammed Hunza River – between Attabad and Hussani, is yet to start.

The new road, well paved and wide, has brought a degree of joys for the travellers who are describing the experience as “amazing” and “smooth.
Photos: Zulfiqar Ali Khan, Zaheer Bari and others

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  1. لیکن ہمہیں یہ اچھا نہیں لگا ………..تقریبا تمام بازاروں خاص کر نگر کے کچھ بازاروں میں راستے پر پتھر اور دوسری چیزیں رکھ کر رکاوٹیں پیدا کی گئی ہے ..جس کی وجہ سے کسی بھی وقت کوئی حادثہ رونما ہوسکتا ہے

  2. –Unplanned environmental considerations this road has caused serious damages to the local community in the shape of dust. The year CBRC has started the project till today the catastrophe to environment and other related disease are 75% increased. They had to carpet the village portion first that ud be a safe way for the orchards of fruits and local community. From the last 6 years the local fruits are getting destroy due to dust and the area once badly effect due to uncontrolled blasting. The effect of these blasting would be effect for decades and due to disturbance of the natural topography of that area. Through the Embassy of Peoples Republic of China this is once again a humble suggestion that the road portions with in the areas of village should be carpeted first and then the remaining. In this way the local community should be saved from allergies and dust effects.

  3. It is really sham for the corrupt PPP government not only for its inefficiencies. But also its corruption, putted 25000 populations in a painful and unforgettable situation. The entire populations salute the China government and Chinese public for their moral and practical physical support linking the disaster region to the rest of the world.

  4. Govt trying to dust up the eyes of innocent people. if any one wana know the actual condition of road, and about the total update then you must visit or ask from someone about the condition of main KKH road there at Aliabad Bazar.
    very hard to say, we are living in 21th century after watching the dirty condition up there.

    totally unplanned.

  5. i think we must not be so much disappoint, as we are living in a developing country not in Europe or america. we must consider our contributions. we are the person who damaging our national asset i.e. excavating roads for our personal purposes, not paying electricity bills, and improper use of public building and so on. the people in government i.e. public servant or politicians are our once. so we must contribute our positive role. this is my perception.

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