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CM has a “Grand Vision for Land, Aerial and Digital Connectivity of Gilgit-Baltistan”: Ali Taj

GILGIT: Chief Minister Khalid Khurshid has a grand Land, Aerial & Digital Connectivity Vision for Gilgit-Baltistan, said Ali Taj, the CM’s Spokesperson.

He added that Chief Minister Khalid Khurshid envisions a new era of Land, Aerial & Digital Connectivity of GB with the mainland country and the world.

Various interventions, special initiatives and mega projects have been initiated to make this Grad Connectivity Vision of Chief Minister come true.

He shared that for improving the Aerial Connectivity, chief minister made special efforts at the federal level to get the status of Skardu Airport upgraded as an International one. He also took special interest in the getting the feasibility of a new airport in Gilgit done. Also, due to the special efforts of the chief minister, the PIA started direct flight operation from the several major cities of the country to GB this year which was limited to Islamabad previously.

Under the historic 370-Billion GB Integrated Development Plan, chief minister has envisioned a 5-Route Land Connectivity plan for GB. The GB’s major land connectivity projects with the mainland country are Gilgit-Shandur Road, Astore Valley Road, Shounter Tunnel Feasibility, Babusar and Tunnel Feasibility. Moreover, one of the prospective plans for improvement land connectivity is to extend KKH to both sides of Indus River. Chief Minister has already approved a project costing 41 crores for the construction of Alternate KKH at Tattapani section. The Raikote-Thakote Motorway project has been included in the CPEC.

For Digital Connectivity, the chief minister has got 4G internet license auctioned in his first year. Furthermore, he has taken up the matter of extension of Ignite & USF jurisdiction to GB at the hidgest level in the federal government.

The grand land, aerial and digital connectivity vision of Chief Minister Khalid Khurshid will be the backbone of the Naya Gilgit-Baltistan our government has promised to deliver in the years to come. It will massively boost tourism, heavily enhance trade and rapidly develop the IT & service sector.

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