Freedom, after the celebrations are over!

R. Bano Hunzai

Celebrating independence by purchasing Pakistani Flag, decorating homes and  streets, using fire-crackers – no matter how annoying, is not enough. Freedom with responsibility is the hallmark of independent nations.
I would urge the readers to consider the following, to express independence throughout the year.  
  • Contribute to strengthening of civil society in whatever manner and amount you can
  • Stand in row while at counters. bus stops ,entrances, and exits  of public places or just anywhere it is needed rather than jostling one other
  • Don’t throw trash but put it in trash bin and co.Keep your surrounding clean.
  • Don’t violate traffic rules rather abide by them and contribute to reduce annoying traffic jams.
  • Don’t spit paan ,chaliya,on walls , streets and roads rather dispose them hygienically if possible quit these altogether.
  • Switch off lights and other electrical appliances when not needed. Don’t misuse electricity.
  • Recycle whatever can be recycled and stop over consumption.
  • Reduce use of polythene bags rather quit altogether, take with you a fabric bag while going for shopping ,doing grocery etc.
  • Buy Pakistani and be Pakistani
  • Grow plants no matter how small or little space available at least few flower pots.
  • Participate in politics by casting vote not by participating in damn strikes(Ehtijaj),protests(Hertal),rallies(Joloos),,etc.
  • While casting vote consider the  candidate’s capabilities and previous performance not family relations with or sect and ethnicity of the candidate,
  • Be brave and bold ,don’t escape and rush abroad. Stay in your own country, face the realities and contribute to stabilize the absolute chaotic situation in Pakistan
  • Hard work and merit only hard work and merit should be the criterion not PRs (Talooqat) or unfair means(JOGAR) and Bribe(Rishwat) while pursuing anything you desire to achieve.
  • Don’t run after short cuts and easier ways by compromising quality rather prefer sustainability ,long term benefit and quality in anything your are committed to do.
  • Don’t compromise rule of the law to pursue your vested interests but remain committed to rule of law firmly all the time.
  • Offer helping hand and supporting shoulders to needy irrespective of ethnicity and sect

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  1. I totally agree and appreciate the suggestions. It is a time to sensitize the civil society towards demonstrating a pragmatic social conscience rather than mere orations in public gatherings and media talk shows.

  2. Charity starts from home , So how many dustbin installed in Gilgit city. More then 4 Thousand people got jobs in 2010-2012 on political basis. Where is the merit in this 21 century. Where is rule of law in the region. When ever some one want to kill some one, came easily and stop the passenger buses and burnt them alive or thrown in to river. No justices. Then why i respect rule of law and constitution. If our religious leader ask me to vote for Dog i will vote for dog with out any vision and thinking. How you expect moderate development in most extremist and back ward region of the Pakistan. But over all your opinion and views are marvelous. Keep it up.

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