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Hunza and Ghizer to get additional seats in GBLA

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Gilgit, October 20: The GB government had decided in principle to give one additional seat each to Hunza and Ghizer district, according to official sources.

According to sources, allocation of the new seats might be announced during President Zardari’s proposed visit of the region on the independence day, i.e. 1st November. The people in these two district have been demanding additional representation in the assembly based on population.

Efforts were also being made by political quarters in Hunza and Ghizer to get the additional seats. The demarcation of new constituencies, however, might prove to be contentious because different segments of the population in both areas have different priorities. In Hunza, the people of Tehsil Gojal have been demanding an additional seat for the region. However, there are forces opposing the allocation of additional seat to Gojal Valley for various reasons, including the Tehsil’s total population, which is around 30,000 according to official figures. Some quarters have suggested annexation of some parts of the Central Hunza into Gojal Valley, for demarcation of a constituency. The issues might come to surface again  in the coming days and weeks.

Similarly, a controversy had emerged in Ghizer after the news of annexation of some villages of Punial Tehsil into Ishkoman Tehsil emerged. The people of Punial have opposed the idea and some parties have threatened to protest if the current demarcation is altered.

After allocation of the additional seats, the total number of seats in Ghizer District would increase to four. The number of seats for Hunza Valley will increase to two. It is pertinent to note that Hunza-Nagar, the district, already has three seats in the GBLA.

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  1. the additional seat is the right of the people of Gojal velly, the public of the velly will not accepet the annexation of some part of Hunza into Gojal velly

  2. It is a good that the GB government has decided to give an additional seat to Hunza. it was our demand from the beginning of democratic process in the region.If we looking to the historical background and statues of Hunza remained in the past it should have been given the right for many years before but it was ignored for long because of the interest of some of the elected members and force of other political forces.That harmed the peace loving people of Hunza.
    During the state rule Hunza was devided in three main parts central Hunza from Murtaza Abad to Altit, uper Hunza Gojal.and Lower Hunza Hindi (Nasir Abad) to Khizer Abad.central hunza is the largest population area and secondly Gojal was considered the largest has contributed to the State in the financial maters and safeguarding of the strategic boarders. and in present it is the biggest Tehsil in Hunza. i hope the people of central Hunza will favour to allocate the new seat to Gojal.

  3. It is a good news for the people of Hunza and Ghizer. The people of Hunza must support for District Hunza.

    Hunza-Nagar has three seats in GBLA. It must be noted that Nagar has two seats while Hunza has one seat in GBLA as Hunza is much more bigger than Nagar. The population of Hunza is also more.

    The people of Hunza must make a valid decision in forthcoming changes in the area. The decision must be favorable for whole Hunza weather it is Lower Hunza or Central Hunza or Upper Hunza Gojal Valley. Before implementing law the the elders of three regions of Hunza must gather.

  4. The world has become a global village and the people and leaders are honoured who are thinking and working for the betterment of humanity.It is good sign for the development of Hunza & Ghizer that two seats are allocated according to teir dire need and the bases of Population ratio. There is no matter of having contious on this allocation. If these two leaders would work for the betterment of area the area would develop soon and issues would be resolved immediately. All it depends upon the good will of leadership that to what extent he wants to take his area in development, If a leader losses his interest and he does not follow the development programmes or he or she does not maintain the launched projects and programmes than society as well as leadership looses its identity and gignity. GB is a place where we need to work beyond the boundaries of political, regional and sectorians as well. We appreciate the Govt of Perveez musharaf where he had granted a huge budget to the MNAs of PPP in GB and they had done tremendous job in development. If any party whatever it may be favours or discriminate such behaviour is dishonoured and discourage. We appreciate all those officers or leaders who are working regardless of cast, colour and party.

    We salute the Chief secretary and his team who have started working to streamline the systems and making efforts to held accountable all types of departments and officials. If our own local leaders or officers are committied in dishonesty and corruption and do not put their share in the development of areas we condemn and discourage such locals and prefer outsiders who are working in the interest of GB people and Area. Corruption , inequality, unaacountability, dishonesty , sectionalism, nationalism, regionalism and nepotism leads a good society towards declination and deteroriation that we all needed to avoid it. Otherwise we are posioning our new generation and betraying from Golden Islamic rules like, equity and equality, justice, honesty and accountability as well.

    Ali Mehr
    Social activist

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