Kid from Gilgit-Baltistan stars in drama serial “Talkhiyan”

Sabina Jabeen during shooting of the drama serial

R.A. Somairi

Islamabad, Nov 14: Sabina Jabeen, a 10 year old child from Gilgit-Baltistan, stunned the shooting crew of Drama Serial “Talkhiyan”, with her exceptional acting skills. For someone who has not been trained to act, her role as a rebellious, talkative and naughty twin yet with an acute fondness towards quick learning, was difficult for a first timer and that too of such a tender age. But she acted it out with marvelous acting genius and won acclaim from the masters in the field. The director of the play, Khalid Ahmad called her, ‘… a rare gem’.

Sabina Jabeen belongs to Karimabad Hunza and is daughter of Ms. Sitara Begum and well known hotelier Nisar Ahmad Hunzai, who currently works at Islamabad Club. Her family is based in Islamabad. Sabina Jabeen is a gifted child with passions; she loves climbing on Margalla Hills, practicing Taekwondo, volunteers as girls guide and involves in many other productive mental and physical activities.

The drama serial ‘Talkhiyan’ revolves around a love story turned sour. It is also about the fatal consequences of failed relationships on the children. Sabina plays the role of twin daughter to her mother played by Sanam Saeed. The role of her twin brother is played by Meher Sagar, who has played the role of ‘Safi’ in Shoaib Mansoor’s blockbuster, ‘Bol’.

There are various heart touching scenes in this play and many important messages for parents and families on how to treat their children. It also portrays the impact on children when they see violence, hatred and discrimination in their midst. The drama serial will be aired on Express Entertainment from December 5.

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  1. Wow ! Our first little gem in Pakistan showbiz industry ! Bravo ! Congrats to her parents, family and all Hunzukux!

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