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Wither Education: “Fear of violence” forces 10-day closure of Karakoram University in Gilgit

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Gilgit, November 29: A recent controversy at the Karakoram University has poured cold water over the aspirations and hope of the people of Gilgit-Baltistan for peace and brotherhood. The administration of Karakoram University has given in to pressure and announced 10-day closure of the only institute of higher learning in the region, due to fear of deterioration of law and order situation.

The closure, apparently, has been triggered by fear of violence on the campus because of a controversy surrounding commemoration of “Yom-e-Hussain (RA)” at the university. According to details, the Imamia Students Organization (ISO) and Jafria Students Organization (JSO) were planning to organize an event at the campus on first December to commemorate “Yom-e-Hussain (RA)”.

This plan did not go well with some segments of the students community and they threatened to sabotage the event. One student body, Muslim Students Organization (MSO), had announced commemoration of “Yom-e-Umer (RA)” on the same day.

Fearing that violence might erupt at the campus, the administration ordered a 10-day closure, bringing all academic and other activities to a standstill. Contingents of Police and Rangers have also been deployed at the campus.

The students of KIU are among the worst sufferers of collapse of law and order situation in the region. The university was earlier closed this year due to curfew and volatile law and order situation.

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  1. This is indeed an unfortunate decision ,which will further widen the existing fault lines among the communities and youth of the region.We have witnessed the sectarian divide
    in ranks of the professional bodies leading to built a hospital in Gilgit city ,exclusively for a sectarian group. The recent event seems to be the ice berg of the distrust among the youth of the region and the extremist ideology may engulf the only premier higher education institution of the region, if the authorities ignored the severity of the problem.
    We remember how a defamation campaign was launched against a renown educationist Prof.Dr.Najam on sectarian ground and the authorities bowed to the pressure to remove the honorable professor unceremoniously from the prestigious position of vice chancellor of KU.

  2. Keep religion away from the public life. Religion is between human and God, why do you have to show-off. Don’t you think Allah won’t see if you practice your faith quietly and in peace?

    What a sad episode, our students have now learned from what happens at universities in Karachi and Punjab. It is the 21st century folks, wake up and involve in innovations rather than demonstrations. If you have extra time, do some community service, clean up the garbage from our Gilgit Bazar so that the city would look pretty and there is no shame in this. Its a shame when you disrupt peace of others. Initiate some social work – plant trees along the road of Konodas so that it would look green and you would be proud to see while you pass through going to the university.

    Why do you have to proof whose religion is right and better. If you think you are right – congratulations, keep it to yourself but don’t bother others.

    Have you ever thought why Western countries have progressed? Because they think academic institutions are places to learn, think, innovate, generate ideas to solve the world’s problems – not to have guns in the universities, or show your political and religious agendas. The only time the universities are closed in the Western countries when weather does not permit.

    Save GB from becoming Balochistan, otherwise you would also be seen as any other Pakistani.

    God Bless GB!

  3. keep religion away from colleges and universities. religious gatherings and events should not be allowed on campus, no matter how important the day is whether its someones death or birth anniversary. this is enough, because of these two sects the others living in GB are suffering too. this madness has to be stopped. the quiet and moderate communities of GB has to speak up against this stupid clashes and every now and then killings of innocent people. what you call your moderate and peaceful nature is not what it is , its fear that makes you quiet, i wonder the day will come when moderates of GB will be sandwiched between two fight loving school of thoughts. dont let fear overcome you.

  4. very bad students must play positive role for peace not for creating such environment it is really bad news university must be kept for from religious politics which already affect the area. Why these programmes in university ???? Already celebrated in every where…. in Mosque, streets, on road every school… pata nahe kaha kaha …

    1. For reply of ur msg yome Hussain is not an ordinary programe it has a value that tells the secrifies of Imam Hussain AS (son of Fatima As) during the ware of kurbalah…..this day is not celebrating just from now this is going on frm waqia kurbala til now…soo how can u say it must nt b in our schools n universities…..if studnts celebrate then whts wrong with that people…..r they nt agree with this waqia?
      …..r they nt know hussain grand son of Muhummad SA ?
      Are they jelous of Hussain AS???
      I think this is university administration fault….
      Realy discussting how they can say that they ate muslimd….are thy??????

  5. We have great expectations with our young generation of GB generally and with GB students particularly to play their role in bridging the gaps amongst the communities. We are noticing that the students of GB in each colleges and universities in down country have formed organizations consisting of all GBIans and from all sects and areas( Regardless of Shia, sunni, noor bukhshi and ismaili etc). This is diversification and through this diversity they are working for the unity and peace of GB.They are launching various educational awareness programmes for the GBians students in remotest areas of GB. At the same lines we were expecting with KIU students as well.

    It is really shocking and alarming that KIU students are becoming the cause of disintegration for the whole GB.This is an international university and its values, norms and ethos of Students, faculties and all staff should be well recognized at universal level. Why local politics is entered here to pollute the GB.

    If students are celebrating events they should also keep in view of teachings of our great Caliphas and Imams where they have taught us to respect humanity, live with unity as brothers, and obey the teaching of Quran and Sunnah.

    The students should celebrate the days as KIU students( regardless of faith base organizations) even than a none muslim can also participate in that event. It might be that he would be influenced with teachings of our great imams and Khulfas.

    We need to become a practical muslim through our conduct and character in our daily routines in offices,in institutions and where ever we are.

    As our great national Hero Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan was saying yesterday that we need to become a true and an honest pakistani only , to save the country neither Jayalay aur Mutwalay. Like wise we need to avoid all prejudices like sectionalism, nepotism, and regionalism to create peace and harmony in the society.

    This is also my concern that How the KIU administration has allowed the students to form faith base organizations. They also needs to work on it.

    At last I want to recall of Ahadith of Our serkar du Alam rehamtaulil Alameen Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa Peace be upon him remarks about dignity of students that is ” the ink of scholar is more sacred than the blood of martyr”. Is this quality reflecting in our students?

    The students of KIU who are involved in faith base organizations are
    expected to revisit on their own activities and play role to create harmony and integration in the region as well as in whole GB.

    Well wishers of GB zinda bad , GB zinda bad, Pakistan payenda bad

    1. Should’nt we wait until we get our rights as citizens to Pakistan that we are still waiting BEFORE we say Pakistan payenda bad? Many years ago, Supreme Court of Pakistan has given the verdict to give rights to GB people equal to any other citizen of Pakistan – but to no avail. GB students should have demonstration (peaceful) to ask Pakistan to either give our rights equal to any other Pakistani or declare we are not part of Pakistan..

      These students are wasting their energy fighting among themselves for something that happened thousand of years ago.

      I don’t even live in Pakistan but it hurts to read whats going on in my birthplace that I always love.

  6. All youth and students of KiU should stand for peace. If senior citizens (Masjid Board) are on one platform then what happen with “LIKHAY PADAY JAHILs”. Must organize both events with all respect but not disturbed the peace of the land due to educated personalities.

    1. Thats the point…how can they agree with this coz yom_e_ hussain is comming frm waqia kerbala til now so thy celebrate….but wht day these people celebrate???????

  7. @Native GBIAN. i fully agree keep religion away from public life universities are for education.if some one want to promote political or religious agenda then pls find some other place but not a University.

  8. This is a very high act of ignorance to perform your programs related to a sect on campus… In such a volatile place where a small sectarian issue takes many precious lives why do you ppl still prefer to go for clash….

    Khuda in logun ko rasta dekha day… or GB ko aman ka gahwara bna day….

  9. Keep your religion to yourself and let others believe what they like. It is not your job to judge as to who is right or who is wrong. Live and let live.

  10. Guys, if u dont want to study then go straight to hell.
    At least let the poor girls study.:<

  11. Its really so shocking to hear about such act of ignorance and stupidity..I am amazed that why don,t those minds change, who have been living in the 21st century..Why do they want to prove before God, that who will go to Heaven or who not…Be practical in your own practices guys and try to be true Muslims….That will be enough to be called a human…

  12. Oh! our new youth, this how you are going to lead us..We should not expect from you that you will bring change, development and peace in our society.. yOu don’t consider how to promote peace though you are leaders of today and of course future, instead you are thinking to spread violence and war in our society..from your actions we can see what kind of leader you are going to be!
    Anyways would you mind be passionate and moral so that we can learn sth positive from you.

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