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Residents of Nagaral handover alleged murderer of Abdul Wakil to police

PT Report

Gilgit, January 8: In an unprecedented move, the residents of Nagaral locality have handed over a man accused of shooting Abdul Wakil, a resident of Chilas, to the police. The accused, Waseem Abbas, had reportedly opened fire on Abdul Wakil and killed him in Gilgit city.

Son of Abdul Wakil has, reportedly, said that a mob first checked the National Identity Card number of his father before shooting him dead.

The responsible move by the people of Nagaral is being seen as a bold step towards rejection of militancy and crime.

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  1. Don’t appreciate the culperts my dear, we have to live together with harmonay,peace and progress to compete with deloped nations and be a good citizens. We all from are same region. thanks

    1. I am proud of nageral and Kashrot people for this step, because it is good for all people, right now we are facing lots of problems, and our daily life is disturbed alot, so we all have to take step for peace in our region, if we have positive feelings for our good future, so peace in our area is the most and only solution.

  2. Its indeed a Great effort to resolve such disputes, People of Nagaral have set a nice example by handing over the criminal to Police. But we have to be vigilant in future as well and tackle such issues with cool minds and logical solutions. Our Religious and Political Leaders should come forward to discourage / stop such incidents in future. Once again Lets hope that this action of the residents of Nagaral be appreciated & acknowledged . May ALLAH Bless our Home Land (G.B) with peace and happiness always.

  3. I appreciate the elders of Nagaral, if we reject the criminals & trear all people with justice & equality as per the teahings of Islam ,we can find peace & prosperity again in GB.

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