Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

Lawari issue: Markets in Chitral town shut down in protest

Gul Hammad Farooqi
CHITRAL: Complete Shutter down strike was observed in Chitral over the 4-days-a-week closure of the Lawari tunnel. The strike was called by Trade union and all parties leaders.
Addressing the public on this occasion, representatives of Trade union said that Lawari tunnel is opening on Monday, Wednesday and Friday only, for 3 hours each day, and remains closed for 4 days in the winter season. They said that the road on top of the Lawari mountain is already blocked and people are facing great difficulties. They also accused the government of delaying the Lawari tunnel work for four years and resuming it when the elections are nearing.
LawariThe protesters urged National Highway Authority to arrange opening of Lawari tunnel on daily basis or they should to suspend work on the tunnel until opening of main Chitral road on Lawari top. Trade union criticized closing of tunnel for four days and termed it for shortage of edible things. While on the other hand due to rush of vehicles at a time inside the tunnel it also causing for suffocation and thick smoke. During the strike all shops, chemists and druggists, hotels, poultry shops, greengrocers, backers and bread shops were remained closed the whole. day. A public meeting was also held at Ataleeq square where representatives of trade union and leaders of different political parties delivered speeches. A large number of people attended the public meeting. It was dispersed peacefully.

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