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Thousands in Gilgit-Baltistan register protest against the Quetta killings

Speakers addressing a protest demonstration in Gilgit city
Speakers addressing a protest demonstration in Gilgit city

Our Correspondent

Gilgit, February 17: Protest demonstration were held across Gilgit-Baltistan against the bombing in Quetta that led to the death of at least 85 people most of whom belonging to the Shia Hazara community. Around 200 people were injured in the heinous act of terrorism.

Speaking at a rally in Gilgit city, MLA Deedar Ali said that the sectarian violence is part of a conspiracy aimed at weakening of the state of Pakistan. He said that the security agencies and the governments have failed to protect lives and properties of the citizens.

Speakers demanded action against terrorist groups across the country. They also demanded severe punishment for the culprits.

Protest demonstrations were also held in Skardu, Ghanche and Hunza-Nagar. The protest demos in Gilgit-Balitstan were jointly organized by Shia Ulema Council, MWM, Jafria Students and Imamia Students Organization, among others.

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