Tue. Aug 16th, 2022

Dr. Asad Ullah returns to KIU after completing PhD studies in Beijing

Tahir Rana

Gilgit: Dr. Asad Ullah has recently completed his Ph.D degree in Engineering from University of Science and Technology, Beijing. During his Ph.D research he has developed several optimal methodologies based on Mathematical morphology models and latest digital image processing techniques. His developed methodologies are very useful to study and understand the evolution of cells in different materials, Biological tissues and foams.

asad123Researchers working in different fields like Materials science, Biology, physics, Geology and earth sciences can benefit from his developed methodologies.

During his Ph.D, he has published several research articles in well recognized international journals and one of his published research articles has been selected as the “best research article” in a well known international journal named “Materials express” and appeared on its front cover as highlights.

Dr. Asad is a faculty member in the department of mathematics at Karakoram International University Gilgit since 2006.

He belongs to the Bargo village of district Gilgit.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Asad Ullah returns to KIU after completing PhD studies in Beijing

  1. many many congratulations for his great achievement, i hope Dr. saib will utilize his effort for the betterment of KIU……….

  2. Congratulations Dr Asad, for this accomplishment.
    The KIU, the region and the country are in dire need of such energetic youth who acquire knowledge and skills in emerging fields of science and arts. Hope, yours would be a valuable addition to the faculty of KIU, but the real contribution would be the transferring of your knowledge & skills to new shoulders/ generations re-inculcating in them the waning humanistic value.

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