Academy for Democracy invites applications for Visiting School 2014

Attabad Lake, Hunza Gilgit Baltistan
20th August – 30th August 2014
Workshops, Seminar Sessions & Field trips

Academy for democracy responds to conditions of ‘crises’. Crises are instants of shifting modalities – they mark points of change in a multilayered program. Combined systems of humans and nature are convoluted in terms of how they anticipate and respond to disturbed environments: disasters and conflict zones. The capacity to deal with the types of uncertainties and surprises requires innovative approach, creative combination of strategies, and the ability to adapt to the changing environment.

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How does the creative and developmental faculty respond actively to shifting environments? There is a rising need to revisit our approach to academia that contributes to critical awareness and sound co-shaping of our shared environment. Encouraging interdisciplinary academic discourse, this intensive invites the creative and developmental faculty, students and field experts to join this visiting school in chalking out a more effective academic methodology and focuses on the themes of built environment, socio-cultural mapping, climate adaptation and disaster management. Our approach will explore creative cultural communication devices and take inspiration from the indigenous living systems and involve conflict perception exercises.

Visiting school will also explore and host local food, music and culture and communal living for interactive dialogue and learning. It also includes day long excursions to the lake and the beautiful natural habitat in the surroundings.
Evenings will be filled with films, games and communal cooking.


– A detailed resume (including email address, phone
numbers, website if any, photograph, academic
background and relevant professional experience)- 300 – 500 word motivation letter to by the 30th of June 2014.

Selected Participants will be notified by 20th of July 2014.


Art/Architecture/Development studies undergraduate or a graduate student (must have passed 3 years of
Bachelor education or more)For further information and details regarding
program and fee, please contact, | 0092(0)3361599190

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