Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

Two men accused of sexually abusing 8 year old girl arrested

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Skardu, June 9: Police on Sunday arrested two men accused of sexually assaulting an eight (8) year old girl.

According to details, the police received a written complaint in which a mother had accused two men, 57 years old Ibrahim and 47 years old Ghulam Mehdi had sexually assaulted and abusing an eight year old child.

The police acted swiftly and the two men were arrested for further investigation. According to one report the accused have accepted their guilt and they have reportedly said that they had been abusing the child in the past and keeping her silent through intimidation.

The child is reportedly a student of Oldang Gamba Primary School.

16 thoughts on “Two men accused of sexually abusing 8 year old girl arrested

  1. I am so shocked by reading this article they should be hang them in open public gathering so it should be very strong message for such bad events GB in future. It time to play the role of public not bad reputation local Govt and our justice worst system in whole World.
    Its all blessings of free hand watching cable system in whole GB. Please come out public of GB its time to play the role.


  2. Pamir time is requested to avoid publishing such inhuman action related news. The civil society as well as Govt. need to be familiar about such culprits and actions and should not be spared to such culprits.

  3. both offender shall punished with rigorous imprisnment of 25 year and shall also be fine ………………… pakistani law but the injuction of islam put stoning to death of that offender (RAJM)

  4. I think Pamir Times has play his role , we should not avoid PT to circulate such news? Rather we should empower PT to highlight, at least we must aware what we are and what we are doing. In fact its big crime in our society, but we must give her justice , and we must display such a people in public standing, Even their families and the region must shock , and must take remedial action to control such a crime in future as well.

  5. I know Pamir time is playing commendable role to up date the people regarding new developments. As far as inhuman action is concerned we should avoid to disclose it globally. As image of Gb is becoming worsen due to such in human actions.Already we have lost our credibility due to various corruption related scandals.


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